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intermittent leak after installing new shower valve

I had a leaky shower and replaced the shower valve with a Delta series 19804 shower valve. Approximately a week after installation I noticed the shower began to leak again. This may happen at any time of the day whether the shower has been used recently or not. The odd part is sometimes it doesn't leak for hours or days. Has anyone ever heard of this problem and if so how do you fix it???

A. Spruce
Re: intermittent leak after installing new shower valve

It isn't clear if you're having a problem with the valve or there is some leakage of water from the shower area to the floor. If it's the valve itself, were the guts removed before it was soldered into place? If not, the seals could have been damaged by the heat of the torch during installation. If the valve is fine and you're finding water elsewhere, then you likely have a leak in the supply lines and it just takes a while for it to build up enough to run out to wherever you're seeing it.

The first scenario is an easy fix, the second will not be so fun.

Re: intermittent leak after installing new shower valve

there was no soldering envolved. I just replaced the shower cartidge itself by taking off the handle and casing, unscrewing a nut and removing the old cartridge. I then replaced the new cartridge and re-installed the nut, casing and handle.

Re: intermittent leak after installing new shower valve

Am not off-the-cuff familiar with that valve by number, but........if the cartridge has o-rings and you didn't wet them or apply a plumber's silicone lubricant to the o-rings .....then one of those o-rings may have become slightly dislodged, rolled out of position or even nicked during installation. It's also possible that the retaining nut wasn't tightened enough or that a small piece of crud is preventing a proper seal.

In any event, I'd suggest removing the cartridge, inspecting things, make any necessary adjustments/cleanings and reinserting. Hopefully, that will resolve the problem.

If an o-ring was damaged it will have to replaced with an exact match.

Another possibility is...... since you probably shut off the house supply to do this install: Small pieces of crud that are usually clinging to the supply pipe walls will frequently come loose when the line pressure drops to zero. When the supply is opened again and flow returns.....these dislodged pieces of crud pass thru the lines. You might have pieces of that material occasionally lodging in the cartridge when you turn it off. To remedy this.....turn off the house supply again, remove the cartridge, then turn on the supply for a minute or so to flush them out. Turn off supply again and reinstall the cartridge.

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