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Insulating walls with Asbestos Siding

My home has asbestos siding on it which is in EXCELLENT CONDITION. I really want/need to have my walls insulated but the thought of having the siding removed and quite likely, damaged, is upsetting. Inside walls are plaster/lathe and wall papered. Is there any way to safely, without damaging the siding, remove it to have cellulose blown? Are there any other methods/ways to have my walls insulated or should I just forget it. BTW, is there any insulative value to the asbestos shingles?

Re: Insulating walls with Asbestos Siding

I'm not an insulation guy, so the use of foam may also be an option. A talk with a few installers may give you a consensus about the best way to insulate.
I doubt if cement asbestos shingles could be removed without breaking as they tend to be brittle.
Everything that has mass will have a certain insulation value, but the shingles won't add much compared to a wall filled with insulation.
You and a contractor will have to decide the best way to go about it. Either from the inside or outside as far as I know.
Now if only Scotty would patent a way to transport insulation into the wall from the Enterprise he'd make a bundle. :)

Re: Insulating walls with Asbestos Siding

First, are you sure it is asbestos? Newer mineral siding looks like but does not contain asbestos. Asbestos siding will have looser hairs in it's composition. Removal can be difficult if there are blind nails. If you can do an interior drill, you can avoid the siding situation. A 2 9/16" hole saw will work, but dull rather quickly on plaster lath. A 2 9/16" self feeding bit will do the job, but often cracks a little more that the size of the bit. You can 1 inch inside, but it's difficult to get a good dense pack that will effectively slow air infiltration, vs using a sidewall tube. Plug your holes with 2 9/16" styrofoam plugs and mud over. Another option may be if your home is older and is of balloon construction, you may be able to pump down the sidewalls from the attic. Then you only have to worry about drilling to insulate between windows etc. Foam offers good R-value, but the types I have run across do nothing to slow air infiltration. Remember for effective insulation you need a thermal boundry and a pressure boundry.

Re: Insulating walls with Asbestos Siding

injection foam could be your answer. it can be installed through at least two 3/4" holes. one at the bottom and one at the top, you could think about crown moulding. BUT this all depends on how good of shap the plaster is in. if it is loose from the lath then cellulose could even break it. Asbestos can be hard to remove with out breaking it, it could be done but chances are slim.

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