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Installing Beadboard in Bathroom


I want to install beadboard in a bathroom that has tile floor and matching tile baseboard. Should I remove the tile baseboard or adhere the beadboard to it???

Re: Installing Beadboard in Bathroom

In my view, if you can rest the bead board ON the baseboard, that would be the better choice.

If that's not feasible, then in my view you'd get a much more elegant and professional look by resting a piece of 1X6 or 1X8 lumber in front of the baseboard (even using double sided mounting tape to hold the lumber in place) and then resting your bead board on the lumber while the glue sets up. That way, the baseboard is a non-issue.

And, just remove the lumber spacer once the glue has set.

(Obviously, you don't have to use lumber as your spacer. Anything cut reasonably straight and sufficiently sturdy will work; even drywall or rigid foam insulation.)

If you're concerned that the wall under the beadboard is gonna get wet and absorb water, set the bottom of the bead board just below the top of the baseboard so the entire wall surface is protected with water resistant material.

If these are plaster walls you're wanting to protect with the bead board, I'd use contact cement to stick the bead board to the plaster walls. That's cuz solvent based contact cement can be fairly easily removed from plaster without harming it. Just paint the old contact cement with lacquer thinner to soften up the glue and then shave it off the wall with a single edge razor blade held firmly in the jaws of a pair of needle nose style locking pliers. If there's latex paint on the walls, you're likely to shave off the paint along with the contact cement. However, you shouldn't harm the plaster.

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