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Injury insurance for self-roofing?

I'm looking to put a new roof on my house. I want to hire some close friends to do two days of work for $200 each. What insurance should I have to make sure I'm covered if one of them get hurt or fall off?

A. Spruce
Re: Injury insurance for self-roofing?

Check with your insurance provider, your current policy may cover you.

Re: Injury insurance for self-roofing?

i tend to disagree, best bet is to call your insurance company and ask. i bet you'll have to take out a temporary policy or maybe even a temporary construction insurance policy. i have insurance for my company and it doesn't cover roofing work, that falls under a separate policy, because it's so damn expensive, at least on a yearly basis. it does cover me building a roof on a house but i believe "roofers" have their own policy.

Re: Injury insurance for self-roofing?

I tend to agree with MLB. Homeowner policies tend to cover little when it comes to construction work. As an owner of a small company not only do I have to provide liability and workmens comp for my employees, but also a separate rider for myself. This is in Mass and it may be different in your area, but with litigation today they will follow every accident up to the root cause. If it's a ranch and your buddies do the work and serve the steak and beers after the jobs done.

Re: Injury insurance for self-roofing?

In Ohio, by law you would need to pay Workman's comp to the state. They have a minimal package you can get for temporary labor.

Re: Injury insurance for self-roofing?

I am not a contractor like the other posters but I am a landlord and have had to deal with many contractors over the years in taking care of my investment property.
Speaking strictly as a landlord and someone who has done his own repairs to save on money at his investment property I would say at the minimum you would need liability insurance and coverage of at least $100,000.00 to cover any major accidents.
Since you seem to be worried and afraid that your friends will get hurt ask yourself this is it really worth it to try and save a few dollars? I know times are tough but are they experienced and have they ever put a roof on before? Roofing is very dangerous and most people don't even want to think of doing roofing and that is why it is expensive to get a good roofer as they are hard to come by.
I don't know your friends but if they were my friends I wouldn't want them on my roof as I would be afraid that they would get hurt. Beyond that though ask your insurance company if they will still insure your roof and the answer might be no especially if your friends have never put a roof on before and don't have the supervision of a qualified contractor. So your roof might end up costing you more than it is worth in friendship and your house. My best advice hire a qualified and bonded roofer and leave the roofing to them. If you want to save on siding or something else outside then hire your friends for that. Good luck to you!

Re: Injury insurance for self-roofing?

Your friends may not be the type to sue, but you can bet their insurance company is.

If they get hurt and file a claim with their health insurance company, and that company gets wind that they got hurt doing work for YOU, they will consider that an on-the-job injury or they will consider you liable, and they will file a claim or lawsuit against your or your insurance to recover their costs. Basically, your friends would have to concoct a plausible story and formulate false evidence about how and where they got hurt. They could then be charged by their insurance company with insurance fraud if the truth were discovered. If it involves an ambulance ride, it's going to be pretty hard to lie about it.

As others have stated, the laws concerning workman's compensation insurance varies from state to state. This forum is the wrong place to ask for specifics, but hopefully from this discussion you will learn what to ask whom for your insurance needs.

In this litigious day and age, nobody is allowed to make mistakes, and nobody can be held responsible for the consequences of their own actions.

Re: Injury insurance for self-roofing?

If you are worried about them falling off the roof then you should probably reconsider hiring them. I know, it seems easier this way but going for a professional roofer can spare you of a lot of trouble. My Wilmington roofer proved me step by step that I made a good decision hiring it.

Re: Injury insurance for self-roofing?

Can any one post a few more info regarding this.


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Timothy Miller
Re: Injury insurance for self-roofing?

Howdy, do the friends have their own health insurance?
Contact you home owners insurer and ask about the exposure you are concerned about and what coverage you have to reduce the potential damages if one or both are hurt before the work is done !. State laws vary about when you need to have work comp coverage. Here is a left field idea- all three of you enter a hold harmless agreement with you stating what they are doing and when and you all sign it date it to so if they are injured they are unable to pursue damages against you - good reason attorneys are available to direct you in this regard for a nominal fee but not so great for friendships....

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