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House painting

I painted my house last summer and painstakingly scraped and sanded where needed. I put a layer of oil based primer on the sanded areas and caulked where the siding had gaps. I finished the whole thing with a coat of Sherwin Williams latex, Duration paint.

Sometime during late winter, Ohio, I noticed a good number of brown streaks going down the vertical side of the house. It has a tar color quality and it ran fromm several siding boards all the way to the bottom of the house.

I have no idea what this could be or how it happened. Does anyone have any advice?

Re: House painting


It sounds like you have what is known as extractive bleeding. This is a condition which results when water enters the rear of siding and leaches out such substances as tannins in cedar and redwood, although other woods can also leach out. This is why wooden siding should always be well primed on the rear side, preferably with an oil primer.

You should try to determine how moisture is entering your wall cavities. It could be from ice damming or an outright roof leak. It can also be caused by household moisture migrating through the walls and condensating on the rear side of the wooden siding.
You might want to take a look in your attic to look for signs of water running down the roof sheathing and rafters and dumping onto your outer walls. An improperly vented attic can allow ice to form on the underside of the roof on cold winters evenings and rapidly melt when the sun rises and warms the roof.

You should keep the relative humidity in your house in the 30 to 35% range in winter. Turn down the humidifier if you have one. If you don't have them, install exterior venting fans in your baths and kitchen. The interior surfaces of exterior walls can be painted and primed with moisture retardant paints to retard moisture from migrating from the house into the wall cavity.
Older houses often have insufficient vapor barriers and insulation behind the drywall or plaster .

As to what to do to the present streaking: Try washing the house with "Jomax", a detergent/bleach solution which can be bought at Home Depot in the paint department. If that is not sufficient, try washing with Behr's 2in1 Cleaner. This is a combination of oxalic acid and enzymes. It is normally is used for cleaning and brightening wood decks, but is also an effective house cleaner.

Good luck!

Re: House painting


One further note on washing siding: always wet the siding from the bottom up. You do not want the detergents running down the un-wetted siding. To do so risks permanent streaks staining the siding. Also, don't let the detergent dry on the siding before rinsing. A pump type garden sprayer works well for applying the detergent. If you have one, a pressure washer with a "down stream" injector can also be used to apply detergents and bleaches.

Re: House painting

Thanks very much for the reply. My guess would be that an ice dam has developed. I will be checking the draining of gutters as I suspect that my downspouts are clogged.

THanks again

Moon Over My Hammy
Re: House painting

I looked at your history list of posts and noticed

You were going to use a power washer on your siding before you painted but wanted to know how to do it last Summer. Did you use a pressure washer?

This post you mentioned caulking the siding and only spot priming where you scraped paint. You didn't say what kind of paint was on the siding before you repainted.

The clay liner with your chimney being short and wanting to put a cap on your chimney.

Problems with moss and algae on the roof and asked about some sort of roof reviver product advertised.

Recurring ceiling crack for the last 15 years on your ranch home in Northeast Ohio.

Mentioned you suspected clogged gutters and ice dams.

I read all this in your posts. Some or all of these things may be related and symptoms of more serious problems than cosmetics and the order of your projects seems backwards.

Re: House painting

Yes I did power wash the house. I did consider that the water could get behind the boards but in to location that the leaks ocurred, the water contact was minimal and there was about 2 weeks of very hot and dry weather.

I painted over latex.

I will put the cap on the chimney shortly. I will re-pitch the crown allowing the cap room to fit.

I have had no feedback on roof reviver other than noone seems to have head about this product.

Last fall I restabilized one side of my house that had lost both house jacks in the garage to rot. I had no doors sticking this winter or spring and am hoping this will also correct the ceiling problem. Before I climed into the attic I wanted to hear ideas on the best way to stabilizt the rafters.

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