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Floor tiling adhesive grout - how to dispose and clean up

Am a newbie to home DIY and I researched a lot about floor tiling on the internet. I decided to self redo 2 loose floor tiles in my bathroom.

I bought "UniBond Advanced All Purpose Water Proof Adhesive & Grout" along with the "UniBond Tile on Floors Flexi Mix Additive". I used a mask to cover my mouth and nose, and gloves to protect my hands.

After my job was done I realised something. No where on the internet have I read what to do with left over adhesive/grout... nor how to clean up afterwards. I try not to pour the mixture down the bath or sink but it's unavoidable when am clean up the float/sponge/bucket/etc. Tiling adhesive/grout is a very messy job, especially with bits of mixture splashed on walls/surfaces and getting on your shoes/clothes and skin.

During washing/tidying up I took off my gloves because it was hard to work with the mixture covered gloves that is hard to get off. I had no choice but to use my bare hands to rub off mixture from the float/sponge/bucket and other utilities that were used in spreading the mixture. I have sensitive hands and now my hands seem very dry and sore. (one time I was cooking and chopping red chilis, my hands turned agony sore from the red chili juice absorbing into my hands). Anyway, is there any advice on treating the hands? I guess that mixture stuff probably absorbed into my body? Should I drink plenty of water hoping to flush it out?

What about the sink and bath plug holes? Hopefully it's disolved mixture and won't block the pipe works....

What about the left over mixture in the mixing bucket? Where to dispose?

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