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Flat roof

We live where we have alot of wind storms. I need to re-roof our shop and old barn. They were roofed with rolled roofing, wind just keeps blowing it all off. What can I use that will withstand the wind storms here in Eastern WA?

Re: Flat roof

how old is the roofing. if its new and it keeps blowing off it sounds like a shoddy install or the roof decking was getting bad thus making it so the roofing material wouoldnt properly take

if you can snap some pics and post them

Re: Flat roof

Fleeceback fully adhered EPDM or TPO. The fleece will add significant strength, and provide superior wind uplift resistance.

Re: Flat roof

I agree with the shoddy install method.

Down here in Hurricane Alley, we use 'torch-down' for flat roofing, where the tar on the underside of the membrane is melted with a torch. This adheres the roofing membrane to the roof so well it isn't going anywhere.

Petty Roofing, Boise
Re: Flat roof

I would not recomend a EPDM or TPO roof if you have trees or anything else that places a lot of debris on the roof. A flying branch can easily poke a hole in a rubber roof. The torch applied, or self adhered, modified bitumen roofs are thicker and stronger than any rubber roof. Most torch applied and self adhered are both installed using a nail on base sheet so the wind proofing is going to be in anchoring that base with plenty of nails and making sure that the edges are fully adhered to the metal trim. I have heard that Certainteed is manufacturing a self adhered base sheet for all modified bitumen roofs now so that may also be an excellant option for increased wind resistance. If your outbuildings have a slope of 3/12 or better, your best option is laminated shingles. Manufacturers offer wind warranties on these shingles for windspeeds up to 150 miles an hour.

Re: Flat roof

Every style of roof has its own benefits and disadvantages.
flat roof may protect thunder or air movement but it can't protect from leaking rains water as another shape may do.

Timothy Miller
Re: Flat roof

Rolled roofing is being sold with a lot less asphalt so consider ordering a thicker roll roofing... Second how is it installed with a 3 inch overlap and tared at each overlap with no surface nailing? Are the roofs really flat? If so might consider a 2 layer modified bitumen roofing and noting on the contract to high wind nail (extra fasteners designed to withstand wind) the base layer...

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