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Find Aluminum Siding

Over 30 years ago we sided our colonial home with white, smooth, 4 over 4 aluminum siding. Over the years we have been very pleased with it. However, currently, we need to replace some siding, "here and there" on our home.We are having a very difficult time finding white, smooth, 4 over 4 aluminum siding. Does anyone know of a source/manufacturer where we could purchase some of this siding.It seems some manufacturer out there still makes it.:confused: We only need a small amount of it.

Re: Find Aluminum Siding

It's usually not in the interest of local siding jobbers to keep in stock in their warehouse aluminum siding of 30-40 years ago; thus it would have to be put on special order from the manfucturer.

Alcoa Aluminum was very active in past decades in the manufacture of aluminum siding; Google "Alcoa aluminum white siding" to get regional distributors throughout the U.S.

If you have gone to local jobbers, they should be able to do a special order to get you some; consult the Yellow Pages uder "siding".

Don't expect the original color (white) to match what you now have on the house---over the decades the sun bleaches the white siding to a different shade of white, so that some spot painting will also be necessary if you want to diy.

Home Depot or Lowe's has electronic color matching equipment in their paint dept. that will match the original white shade of the original if you bring in a small piece (no more than 1 sq. inch is needed); they would then mix a gallon of white paint in that original shade of white that will match the shade you have on the house now.

A low-cost Wagner airless spray painter can then be used to spray on the new shade of white.

The other option is to get a price estimate from local siding installers for what you need done, with the idea that they will order the material, install it, & make sure it matches the color of the original siding.

If the sections that need replacing are not too beat up, they can be "restored" using standard auto body techniques & materials of sanding, dent filling with auto body filler & repainting, etc. to restore the siding to its original state.

Re: Find Aluminum Siding

I've had clients with similar problems. We had to find triple 3" aluminum siding, I spent two days on the phone looking for it.

I gave up and made the siding myself on a sheet metal brake, it took a little time but the results were perfect, like yours my job was also smooth metal. Its next to impossible to find matching embossed wood grain finishes on sheet stock so you are ahead of the game already.

Any sheet metal shop or really good roofing/siding company can get this repair made for you, either with off the shelf siding or by fabricating their own.

You must ask that any pieces they make are made with the same gauge of aluminum.

Good luck

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