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Fiberglass Tub repair

I have a 15 year old fiberglass tub that is developing hairline cracks on the sides of the tub. There was no concrete put under it when it was installed. Can I use Great Stuff crack filler to now help support the tub? I am going to use Tigerhair fiberglass bond filler to strengthen the underside of the tub. Any other suggestions or comments.

Re: Fiberglass Tub repair

I would hire someone professionally for this job. It the products you use don't solve the problem, then it will cost more to have a professional remove your materials before properly fixing tub. Great stuff doesn't have the strength or expanding power needed to properly support base of tub. A commercial grade expanding foam should be used then repairs made to cracks. By hiring a reputable fiberglass repair company, they will also be able to re-coat the repaired areas with new gel-coat(paint) and hopefully make repaired areas invisible.

A. Spruce
Re: Fiberglass Tub repair

You can put concrete under the tub yourself, it's not that hard. From your description, you have decent access to the underside of the tub. You can mix up some Redimix mortar to a very stiff consistency and force it under the tub, or you can install form material around the tub bottom to contain the mortar and force the mortar under. Either method will work, the mortar just has to be the right consistency.

For the interior repairs, I'd leave that to a professional refinisher who's got the materials, tools, and experience to do a good job. It's been a long while since I've had a tub refinished, but the last one ran about $150 for crack repairs and $300 for refinishing which is about half the cost of total replacement. This was a tub/shower combo. The new finish usually comes with a one year warranty.

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