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EPDM Roof Replacement

I own a condo in an old Boston brownstone. The flat roof on the building consist of an old asphalt and gravel roof covered with fiberboard and EPDM. After several years of patching it is time to replace the EPDM layer of the roof (multiple roofers have told us this was coming over the years). We have two contractors we are looking at for the job.

Contractor #1 - Recommends not removing the current EPDM layer and fiberboard. He would instal a layer of insulation and fiber board over the current EPDM and a new EPDM layer.
Contractor #2 - Recommends removing the current layers of EPDM and fiberboard and install a new layer of Readyboard and a new EPDM layer.

Obviously the quote from contractor #1 is much less expensive.

Does the old layer of EPDM and fiberboard need to be removed?

Is fiberboard still an acceptable layer under EPDM versus using Readyboard? (contractor #2 feels that if moisture gets onto fiber board it breaks down and this has accelerate the decline in the roof.

A. Spruce
Re: EPDM Roof Replacement
A. Spruce

Either method will work, but here's the thing, if you add layers upon layers, you have a weaker roof that is prone to more problems. If you strip the roof to a bare deck and start anew, you will get a roof that will last longer and will have removed all the issues of the old roof.

Money saved now gets spent later in the way of needless repairs and premature failure/replacement. Money spent now, saves the headaches, hassles, and costs of problems in the future.

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