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Cut my rafters too deep - HELP

I am in the process of building a farmers porch on my house and I made a pretty big mistake... Apparantly I cut the 'crows foot' in my rafters too deep. The inspector isn't telling me to tear it down, but is saying that I must fix it. The roof is a pretty flat one (drops about 36 inches over 10 feet) and I used 2x10's as the rafters. I cut in to them so deep that only about 4" is left at the 'thinnest' point. The inspector said I need to use a 'glue and screw gusset' to fix the problem He explained that I basically cut a piece of plywood that begins at the outer edge of the ridge beam (thinnest point on the rafter) and extends up the rafter back to the point at which it has 'full thickness'. He said that I need to use construction adhesive and some nails to hold it in place. The problem is that he will not give me any more help than that... he wants me to find someone else to show me how to do it.

My questions are:
1 - What material do I need to make this out of? 1/2" 3/4" plywood, ???

2 - How far beyond the point of 'full thickness' does it need to extend?

3 - Do I need to put this on just one side of each rafter or both?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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