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ceiling tiles - asbestos?

Purchased 1950s brick colonial in May. Inspector did not disclose asbestos insulation in attic. Is it possible that same insulation was used in exterior walls?

There are also ceiling tiles in breezeway and enclosed porch, which need to be replaced. They look like the ones in the photo at inspectapedia.com/sickhouse/asbestos/asbceiling1.jpg.

Anyone have experience with these tiles? Should they be a cause for concern?

Thanks for the advice.

A. Spruce
Re: ceiling tiles - asbestos?

With the age of the house, it is extremely likely that asbestos is present in just about everything, the only way to know for sure is to have samples tested.

When you have the ceiling tile tested, also send in a sample of the glue underneath it.

MLB Construction
Re: ceiling tiles - asbestos?

only wanted to make a note of one thing. don't blame your inspector. house inspectors are not allowed to tell you if you have asbestos or not. they don't even have to mention it to you. but a good home inspector should tell you that due to the age of the house and the fact that there's old insulation in the house that it would be a good idea to have the insulation tested for asbestos. i've seen stuff that i thought was asbestos free and it wasn't and stuff that i thought didn't have asbestos and it did.

A. Spruce
Re: ceiling tiles - asbestos?

It also bears noting that encapsulation is an acceptable method of remediation. That is to say, you can cover it up and as long as it remains undisturbed, it will be fine.

If you do have asbestos and choose to remove it yourself, please wear appropriate safety gear and dispose of it in a manner that is in accordance with state and local laws. Do not just toss it into your garbage can where you will be exposing others to the asbestos.

Re: ceiling tiles - asbestos?

I would just add that in most cases it would make more sense to hire asbestos pros for removal and disposal. Some cities are so strict about asbestos, making the removal and disposal almost impossible to homeowners.

Re: ceiling tiles - asbestos?

Without a laboratory inspection, an inspector can't positively identify the presence or absence of asbestos (or lead). An inspector should disclose the possibility of asbestos based on appearance or age, and recommend that the material in question be tested by a qualified contractor.

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