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Ceiling Texture Repair

When Painting the ceiling in the kid's room, all of the texture peeled right off. The only texture that stayed was at the drywall joints. Now we have a situation... We need to get the remaining texure and paint off & then re-spray the ceiling.

1) Do we try to sand it off? What should we use? What tools?
2) Can we spray the texture on our own? What tools do we need to buy? What do we use to spray the texture?

{We're pretty hardcore & will attempt anything}

We did try to call a professional(s), but no one seems to want to take a job this difficult.

Re: Ceiling Texture Repair

I have done this with a popcorn ceiling. You can buy a texture ceiling removal kit at you local home improvement store. It should contain a spray that you will apply to the ceiling to soften the texture and a scrapper on a handle with a bag attached to catch the debris as you take it off. It does take some time to do and is very messy so make sure to cover the floors.
You can buy the electric sprayer that has a hopper on it and mix to spray the texture on yourself. But first get some cardboard to practice spraying it on, this takes a little time to get used to.

Re: Ceiling Texture Repair

If you're ever worried about resale value, you should consider not reapplying the texture.

While I don't have any real problem with it, real estate agents all seem to hate it, it's "too 80s". Every home show I've seen (Designed To Sell, etc) say you will increase the value by getting rid of it.

Since you only have the popcorn to deal with at the joints, you should try scraping/sanding it. Try wetting it down a little (just the popcorn areas) and scraping lightly with a scraper. If it seems like you might end up scraping up the tape/drywall, stop, and get out the sandpaper. Buy a drywall handle, and if your ceilings are high, spend some more money on a drywall sanding handle that extends, it will save you time.

You can buy the really wide taping tools and put mud over the tape joints and feather it really far out from the joint, then paint, and it will increase the resale value over getting popcorn back up there.

As you probably know, this will be very messy. If you decide to smooth the ceiling and paint it, get some PVC pipe close to the diameter of your wetvac hose, and fit it on/in the hose, taping it down. As you sand the feathered joints, have someone hold the extended wetvac hose up next to the sanding pad, it will reduce cleanup. But you'll still need to cover basically everything in sight with plastic sheeting.

If you have a Harbor Freight near you, you can get decent enough taping tools to do the job. No need to pay twice as much (or more) if you're only going to use them on one house.

Re: Ceiling Texture Repair

Renoir, please post in the correct forums... this forum is for tech support for the forums...

The correct forum would be Walls and Ceilings Just start a new thead there.

Re: Ceiling Texture Repair

thanks, i will take your advice. forget re-spraying the texture. the scraping will be the hard part.

i'll try and post some before /after pics.

Re: Ceiling Texture Repair

I scraped off the texture in my daughter's room. Wetting it down helped enormously. (My house was built in the late 80's.) Try wetting a small area (use a clean, old spray bottle filled with water) and try scraping off the texture with a drywall knife. If that works well then I suggest getting a garden sprayer (basically a big plastic bottle that you can fill with liquid and pump up by hand to build a little pressure inside) and then spray the ceiling with water. If your ceiling is like mine then it really won't be too hard to scrape the texture off but it will be very messy. Make sure you take everyting out of the room first and put plastic down on the floor. It would also be a good idea to tape the plastic to the baseboard to make sure it doesn't come away from the wall. (Use blue painter's tape.)

Re: Ceiling Texture Repair

We had enormous success with a wallpaper steamer... our hallway walls were covered with pink (yes pink!) popcorn. We initially tried chemical strippers, scraping, and sanding. All took a lot of time & effort and yielded marginal results. The wallpaper steamer, however, worked like a charm. It worked better on this than it did on the wallpaper we had rented it for! It softened the popcorn to a gooey consistency and it just scraped right off with a 6" putty knife. It was a bit messy, but a lot less so than sanding. Good luck! :)

Re: Ceiling Texture Repair

I have had to do several cielings in my business. I have had the best sucess with a 1 gal garden sprayer filled with warm water. Spray it on just enought to dampen it and do a area of approx. 4 sq. ft. at a time. Use a 6 in. taping knife and scrape it off.Make sure that you cover the floor with plastic as it makes a mess. Touch up any scrape marks with liteweight joint compound as this dries fast. DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT RESRAYING THE CEILING!!!!!! Prime the whole ceiling witha good primer. If you are painting the ceiling a differant color from white I would add some of the color to the primer. Whereever you by the paint at they should be able to tell you how much to add.

God luck and happy scraping

Re: Ceiling Texture Repair

Yup, def use a wallpaper steamer. Saves TONS of work. Good luck.

Re: Ceiling Texture Repair

Has anyone tried installing ceiling tiles over the popcorn texture? Can the tiles just be placed directly on top of the popcorn finish?

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