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Ceiling heat

HI ALL.. We are hoping you can answer some questions we have. We cant seem to find any information on our heating. Our heating is in our ceiling itself the drywall that is our ceiling has heating elements running throughout. it works very well but other then the lights that was already in the ceiling we wanted to know how we could put new lighting or holes into the drywall without losing the heat. Does cutting into the heating elements how would it effect the heat from working ? There was the original lights when we moved in so obviously they cut in the drywall so they would had cut through the heating elements? so we dont know what to do or even how it works or if we should be concerned on the age? does it get to dry? can only part be replaced ? we really know nothing about it.. each room has its own thermastat. It works wonderfully which we werent sure it would because heat rises but its great.. We have a cape cod home. But I would like to put a ceiling light in our bedrooms but dont want to take a chance of losing our heat.. so please help with any info you may have..It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.. sincerly
Renaye Davidson Elyria Ohio

Re: Ceiling heat

I would recommend you focus on hiring an electrician to install at least one of the light fixtures, rather than risk damaging the heating system.

It sounds like you have RADIANT HEATING PANELS in the ceiling---these could be either electric panels or hydronic (hot water) tubing in older systems.

Do you have a boiler in the cellar???

In either case the electrician can show you how to locate and avoid the panels, or perhaps use the original lighting fixture locations to avoid the problems you described in your post.

Re: Ceiling heat

It is radiant heat, no boiler.. Our there wires through the entire panel or our there actually places in the sheet of dry wall that doesnt have wires in it. Thanks for any help and your reply.. Right now we can not afford an electrician (economy an all).. but thanks again

Timothy Miller
Re: Ceiling heat

Howdy before you cut threw the wires be sure to have a repairman for this type of heat ready to fix it...
My limited exposure to these ceiling has been broken leads a costly repair.

Re: Ceiling heat

If you own an electric blanket take a look at it. You will see that it has a heating wire running through it with spaces between the loops. The ceiling is configured the same way. Cutting one of the loops requires special and costly repair. Not sure if there is a tool available that will be accurate enough to lay out the loops.

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