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ceiling is crooked

Hi, My ceiling is crooked and my kitchen cabinets are hung straight. There is about 2 inches from the top of my cabinet door to the ceiling on one end and it progressively gets bigger down to the last cabinet door which is about 4 inches from the top of the cabinet door to the ceiling. Right now it is not really noticable because everything is painted white. (walls, cabinets and ceiling)
I wanted to repaint with different colors and use moulding. Is there anyway I can hang moulding and make the ceiling still appear straight? Or do I have to skip the moulding and keep everything the same color to aboid noticing the big difference in space at the top?
Thank-you for your advice.

Re: ceiling is crooked

During a recent kitchen remodel, I discovered my ceiling was crooked as well. I made the following adjustments which, to the naked eye, make everything look fairly level. Keep in mind that my ceiling sloped about 1/8" per foot over an 8 foot span. You didn't give an exact measurement of the span.

First, I added crown molding to the ceiling, using my eye as a guide. I ended up with a 1/4" gap at one end, which tapered progressively to the other end of the ceiling. I filled the gap with an elastromeric patching compound, and painted the ceiling flat white and crown molding semi-gloss white. The gap disappeared. I then added a decorative molding just below the crown, which I also leveled slightly and painted to match the crown. I adjusted the cabinet doors slightly to further mask the slope, and finally added decorative molding to the bottom of the cabinet, again with a slight slope and filled any gaps with patching compound. Finally, I adjusted the horizontal trim on the entryway slightly to compensate for the slope. The end result is a near perfect illusion. You can paint the wall whatever color you like, but you should keep the cabinet and upper moldings white to mask the slope. If you don't plan to add molding, than the only way to fix it is by re-leveling the ceiling with new drywall and shims.

Re: ceiling is crooked

Thank-you for the detailed advice...just what I was looking for...I am going to try this!

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