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cedar shake siding pealing

We have cedar shake siding that the paint is pealing off. Catch is the paint is harder then cedar.

How do we go about removing all the paint?

I saw what looked like a hand held plainer in back of This old house magazine to strip paint off. Is that something that may work??

Please help how to remove peeling paint from cedar shake siding?

Re: cedar shake siding pealing

Drew, did you ever get an answer or come up with a fix? I have a similar issue where the cedar shakes paint is chipping and flaking off and I want to clean it up before giving the shakes a couple of coats of paint

Re: cedar shake siding pealing

jkirk, I bought the house last year so I have no history. I don't think moisture is the problem as this is the South side of the house primarily. Besides the paint (what is loose) comes off in very small chunks. It's the 40 years of paint layers that are coming off in small flakes. I want to get the loose stuff off so that I can prime/repaint

Re: cedar shake siding pealing


I wish I could give you a silver bullet to cure your problem. Unfortunately, short of chemnical stripping, you are not going to get perfect results. The best you can expect is to scrape off the loose paint and then prime and paint , preferably with a flat paint. My first choice would actually be an acrylic based solid hide stain.

The age of your home, I assume there is a build-up of several coats of paint. Further, some of that paint from the early years was probably oil paint. Oil paints continue to get harder and brittle with age. Compounding the problem is that acylic/latex paints are flexible, continuing to expand and contract with the weather. The top coat of acrylic can actually break the bond of the underlying oil paint to the shingles!
I have seen this scenario where a coat of latex over years of oil paint has caused massive peeling right down to the siding!

At this point your choices are to chemically stripp the shingles, or scrape them the best you can an live with it. Of course, there is the expensive option of replacing them also.

I personally have decorative cedar shigles on my gables. I have chosen to coat them with a transparent cedar tone oil stain.
They look beautiful, but I must periodically clean them and give them a refresher coat of stain to keep them looking that way.

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