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Case toilets?

Hi. We recently purchased a home that has a variety of interesting features. One of them (which I don't particularly care for) are the Case 1000 toilets. My quick research hasn't told me much other than when they were made and parts are pricey. Personally, I don't like round toilets! Any idea if these things are worth anything? I would imagine they could find a good home instead of the junk yard...

Re: Case toilets?

I don't see much of a market for a out dated toilet that use 4+ gallons of water per flush. Plus the cost to rebuild it would exceed the cost of a modern 1.6 gallon flush toilet. Put it at the curb for trash pickup and see how many neighbors complain.


A. Spruce
Re: Case toilets?

Makes for a good lawn ornament if you put plants in it. ;):D

Re: Case toilets?

We have an old plumbing supply store nearby, where folks can bring their old toilets, for display and recycle. It's like a toilet cemetery.

I'm sure every city in this country has something like this. So take your old toilet there. And if you don't have a place like this, place the toilet in the trash.

Re: Case toilets?

So it can't use standard plumbing components? My original toilets were long since removed, but I still have a 1949 toilet. The porcelain lasts forever. I have porcelain accents around some tub faucets and they are still perfectly bright white, while the ceramic subway tiles has yellowed slightly over 90 years.

Throw it out there on craigs list or some antique auction site. Some looking for authentic renovation might take it off your hands and maybe at least give you a few dollars.

In some areas water isn't that expensive nor is it in any kind of short supply so an extra 3 gallon a flush isn't a big deal. Actually, around here we have too much water on our river 90% of the time. Although even as cheap as it is, it still adds up if you put over a thousand gallons on your lawn twice a month.

Re: Case toilets?

Do you still have the toilets? I'm looking for a toilet seat to one of these.

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