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Can't Seem To Remove Faucet Aerator

Hi, I've searched and googled this and apparently I'm supposed to get some pliers, tape, clothe, etc and turn my aerator to remove it. But it doesn't work as my aerator is loose and would just spin in either direction if I try to turn it. I've also tried holding it down and turning it but no dice.

There seems to be 2 little nicks inside it so I'm guessing I should turn it? If that's the case which way do I turn it? Oh and if you answer clockwise/anti-clockwise could you tell me if you mean from the top or the bottom when looking at the aerator? Because if I'm looking down at it and turning it clockwise I'm actually turning it anti clockwise if I was looking at the aerator from under it.

Any help at all will be appreciated! Cheers!

Re: Can't Seem To Remove Faucet Aerator

Get a pair of needle nose pliers and get the tips of the pliers in those "nicks" that are on the perimeter of the aerator. Turn it counter-clockwise to loosen it. That is counterclockwise as you are looking up at the aerator.

To verify that you are understanding my description and looking from the correct perspective, turn on the faucet while looking up at it. If you get water in your eye, you are looking at it from the correct perspective! :D:D

Re: Can't Seem To Remove Faucet Aerator

Haha thanks! I'll try it and let you know how it goes.

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