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blue toilet stains

Has anyone had any luck removing blue stains (caused by minerals in the water from a drilled well?) from a toilet bowl? I have tried bleach and baking soda without success. CK

Re: blue toilet stains

try a can of CocaCola, it has acid that may help

Re: blue toilet stains

Try CLR (green containers) or a generic product that says "Removes Calcium, Lime and Rust."

My 3 products in the order of use are cleaner w/ bleach, purple bottle Kapow or Bam, and then CLR. Read the label when using on surfaces, paint, aluminium, etc. Should be OK on Stainless steel & porcelain, but read.

Re: blue toilet stains

Remove all the water and try a paste of 20 Mule Team Borax and vinegar. Let it sit for a bit then scrub.

Or try scrubbing with Barkeeper's Friend.

Re: blue toilet stains

Be careful with bleach. Any ceramic appliance manufacturer will tell you that bleach actually removes a very fine layer of the finish. Everyone uses it, but that's the fact of the matter. I've heard of the coca cola cleaner story several times before so there must be some truth in it.

There's bleach free cleaners on the market now also.

Re: blue toilet stains

For what it is worth we had the same problem and it disappeared after I installed a whole house sediment filter.

Re: blue toilet stains

A very easy domestic way can help you in removing stain. Cover the stain area with vinegar. Keep it as it is for whole night. Don't allow the toilet to be used by anyone. In the morning just clean it by using toilet brush.

This will certainly get your stained to get cleaned.

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