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Best Flat Roofing Material - PVC, TPO, EPDM

I need a new flat roof as my torch-down roof is starting to wear significantly, and I understand there are a lot of options. The following article says, "The best alternative may be the newer single-ply membrane roof. These rubber or plastic sheet roofs last more than twenty years."


I've obtained a number of bids from roofers and they vary between using EPDM, TPO and PVC, and then there are different types of these roofs (manufacturers, thicknesses). Plus, insulation is an additional concern. What do you consider to be the best product for a flat roof that will last 20-30 years, if not forever.

Thank you.

Re: Best Flat Roofing Material - PVC, TPO, EPDM

TPO membrane: it's bright white surface, relatively low maintenance needs and light weight have made it very popular. My first TPO job is now 13 years old and it still looks great.
There are two guages readily available .045 and .060; since weld penetration and puncture resistance are nearly identical I never saw the need to specify the thicker material; especially on a residential roof with limited foot traffic.

As far as a flat roof that will last forever: there are only two that might make it 100 years or more. TCSII and 20oz flat lock soldered copper. The cost may be prohibitive though.

You can read about the pros and cons of other flat roof membranes here if you wish: http://www.lyonscontracting.com/new-roof/flat-roof.html

You can see some pics here of a recent installation; this house has both TPO and flat seam copper: http://www.lyonscontracting.com/blog/eco-star-majestic-slate

Good luck with the job,

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