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Bathroom Ceiling

We have a small bathroom in our master bathroom in which the ceiling is peeling. I painted it many years ago when we first moved in but the bathroom at the time did not have an exhaust fan. I tried sanding it but the ceiling is textured and it seems impossible at this point. Would it be easier to just apply another piece of sheetrock over the existing? If so should I use green board or regular sheet rock? Also, what thinkness should I use? Any advice would be appreciated.

Re: Bathroom Ceiling

You have some choices, it depends on how much work you want to do;

A- New piece of drywall right over the old stuff. Pro's- fast and easy Con- Not good if the old stuff is so lumpy it will make the new ceiling look bad. Cutting around the light/fan may prove troublesome for the math impaired.

B- Scr*pe off the old stuff. Pros- A little water sprayed on may make this job a lot easier. You'll have a workable surface. No need to fool with insulation above it. Cons- the surface after scraping will take some effort to flatten nice and smoothly. Zinser Guardz will seal the broken drywall nicely.

C- Remove the old drywall and install new. Pro's perfect surface. Cons- probably the most work effort-wise.

If green board is required in your fair city then by all means use it. Otherwise it is a complete waste of money. The green, purple or yellow drywall will not get you anything more than a decent coat of primer and paint will, which you are going to do anyway.

Primer the new drywall with a quality primer such as Kilz or Zinser with the blue label. I prefer the latter. You can paint over the oil based primer in 1 hour using latex paint.

A very good paint job and a good exhaust fan will be your best friends.

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