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Bath vent: soffit or roof?

I'm looking into replacing the bathroom vent fan + ducting and I suspect the original vent went nowhere but the attic space...bad.

I haven't yet dug up the blown-in insulation to see the damage, but hopefully it at least vents to an existing soffit vent or something.

If it IS venting out a soffit vent, should I change it to a roof vent? It seems to me that "straight up and out" would be best, but then again I have problems with cutting a hole in my roof, so I'd probably have to pay someone that knows what they're doing for that..

Comments and suggestions are appreciated.

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Re: Bath vent: soffit or roof?

if it's currently vented out the soffit, vent the new one out the same vent. doesn't make a difference which one you use. if it's just vented into the attic, it's easier to vent it out the roof unless you have a clay, metal or slate roof.

Re: Bath vent: soffit or roof?

I prefer to vent through the roof, unless it's impossible.

Re: Bath vent: soffit or roof?

Vent through the roof, moisture laden air coming out of the vent in a sofit will be sucked back up through the sofit vent back into the attic.


Re: Bath vent: soffit or roof?

Vent through the roof whenever possible. Its the best way to get your moisture out of the bathroom. The soffit is ok but it will do is allow the moisture to go back into the attic.

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