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Bath and shower pan flexing, cracking grout/caulk

I have two baths - both tiled wall mated to a regular bathtub and showerpan. I guess due to the flexing, I always end up having gaps between the wall and tub and pan. If I use grout, it cracks. If I use caulk, it dries and then cracks. How do I stop re-caulking every 6 months? Any advice appreciated very much.

Re: Bath and shower pan flexing, cracking grout/caulk

My best advice to you would be to buy the very best brand of caulk you can buy and don't keep it too long until you get to your caulking job. Also avoid high heat or very cold temperatures in your storing your caulk until you use it. When you buy your caulk make sure it says tub and tile caulk on the tube of caulk. If it says anything else the caulk will not be flexible enough and will fail.
Even if you do the above you still need to prepare the surface of where you are going to caulk. Carefully remove the caulk from around the bathtub with a fairly small screw driver. I would say the head of the screw driver should be no more than a quarter of an inch wide. Now with a really good cleanser clean around the area where you just removed the caulk with the screw driver and rinse the area well and dry it well.
After that put a plug in your tub and fill it with water. The water will cause your tub to sink a bit as every tub will exert a bit of pressure on your floor joists that are under the tub when full. You will not need a great deal of water about an inch will do maybe a bit more. Now with the water still in the tub apply enough caulk to fill your gaps between the tub and tile. A bit of overfilling is fine as you can always remove the excess with your finger which is really better than trying to use any tools in such a small area. After caulking don't use your tub for at least 24 hours as getting water on your caulk will cause pre-mature failure of the caulk. Good Luck on your project:)

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