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Automatic shut off toilet connector

I recently had a toilet connector hose burst in the middle of the night that resuled in $20K of water damage. Fortunately my insurance covered all but $250 but I don't want to go through this again and am planning to replace some of the older fill hoses throughout my house. I came across this below and would like to hear if anyone has any experience with this and if it actually works.

*3/8"Comp x 7/8" Ballcock x16"
*Automatically shuts off the
flow of water due to burst,
ruptured or split connector -
prevents catastrophic water


Re: Automatic shut off toilet connector

Yes, it's a good idea, especially for folks who travel a lot.

I don't know how dependable these connectors are, but let's see what Johnjh2o thinks.

Re: Automatic shut off toilet connector

In my experience, if you want to guarantee a supply line won't burst from a shut-off valve to a fixture, use copper tubing with a Flare or Compression Valve as your supply. This is old school but will never burst and flood. These new anti-burst hoses use the same crimp connectors as the hose that flooded your home, so I don't know if you would have any less chance of flooding. I personally would not use what you are referring to in my home or a Friend's home...

Always a good idea that if you are going away from home more than a day or two, just shut off the water to the house and relieve the pressure at a hose bibb, remembering to turn off electricity/gas to your water heater...

I hope this helps...

Friendly Home Services Baton Rouge...

Re: Automatic shut off toilet connector

All I can say is don't. You think you had a problem with you old supply, these things are ten times worse. Here is some good reading on the subject.



Re: Automatic shut off toilet connector

i've installed 3 of them and i've had to replace all of them because they stop the water when they shouldn't

Re: Automatic shut off toilet connector

It's good to know that this product is not delivering and causing major damages from the experiences of others. Avoid it.

What can you do intead?

You can use copper tubes like have been used for ages before. But even copper won't last forever.

Periodic inspections and replacement of worn out parts is what you should do, to pipes, connectors, valves, angle stops, supply lines and tubes.

Re: Automatic shut off toilet connector

Thanks for all of the responses. You all helped me confirm my own suspicions that this is not a worthwhile product.

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