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aerator inside faucets

My faucets in both the bathroom and the kitchen have the aerators on the inside. There is nothing to unscrew to remove the aerators. I seem to have the manuals for everything in my house except the faucets.

My kitchen sink is from Frankie's USA. I couldn't find anything on their site regarding changing out the aerators.

Do I need special tools for this?

Re: aerator inside faucets

I have removed aerators before and it should only take a few minutes. I am not familiar with Frankies, but if they are like most aerators, you can remove it by twisting the cap clockwise with your fingers. If the cap doesn't turn, cover it with a rag, to avoid scratches, and gently turn the cap with pliers.
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Re: aerator inside faucets

As I said, there is no cap. There is nothing to unscrew.

A. Spruce
Re: aerator inside faucets

Use a mirror to look at the underside of the spout tip. If there are notches or holes, you may be able to use a pair of snap ring pliers to remove it.

Re: aerator inside faucets

THANK YOU. I will run out and get those right away. :D

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