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Advice re: new product tec power grout

I have recently remodeled a public bathroom. On the advice of our suppliers we chose to use power grout due to the fact it isn't suppose to stain, mold, mildew, etc... I have since heard horror stories about how this grout will not hold up. People are having chipped out and replaced. Anyone have any experience with this grout? Anyone have any suggestions how to help maintain it so this issues don't occur>

Re: Advice re: new product tec power grout

Your grouting job is done, so at this point you have two options: wait and see if the grout fail, or listen to the nay sayers, scr ape the grout out and re-grout with another type of grout.

Re: Advice re: new product tec power grout

next time consider the single component grouts such as Fusion Pro and the one from Mapei. Spectralock is a great epoxy. There are also urethane grouts.

Re: Advice re: new product tec power grout

How about going to whoever recommended the product, explaining your concerns to them, then asking that they warranty in writing to cover your expenses if the product fails prematurely? The worst they can do is say "no". If that person is the installer or contractor who hired them, you've got some leverage- they will not want you going around telling your side of the story :o They will have some legal responsibility here anyway for at least a year in most places (laws vary) but if you specified this grout and not them, it's pretty much on you- live and learn.

I make it a rule in life to not be the Guinea-Pig for anything new. If it turns out to be good I can deal with it later; if it turns out to be bad I didn't get hurt. And to those who want me to try that I say "Will you cover all the expenses if it's not as good as you're telling me it is? " That puts them on the spot of either admitting they are passing on hype they bought into or tells you if they really know their stuff- in which case they will back the product without hesitation.

It's not "New and Improved", but "New and Unproved"


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