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adding small shower to half bath-Cost of plumber?

We are renovating a 40 year old condo with 2 bedrooms and 1 1/2 baths to be a rental investment property.There is a tub with shower in the hall bath but master has none.There is enough room in the master bath to add a small shower in the corner if we cut in slightly into the back of the walk-in closet in the master. We are capable of doing all the construction part of the job framing,drywall etc.. but have absolutely no idea of the price range to have a plumber come do his part to install a shower where there is none. We would probably use an inexpensive fiberglass shower stall like we did in a basement bath we did with a friends help with no problems.
Because of some issues, all plumbing must be done by a licensed plumber but we do have other things for plumber to do while there since new cabinets and fixtures are going into the condo kitchen etc...
Would love input and estimates from Anyone who has done this, or any professional plumbers out there about estimates of on cost range of putting shower where there is none JUST THE PLUMBING COST. We a have been leaning on not doing this and just adding more storage instead.
A low price would give us reason to reconsider. In an older rental I am not sure it would bring in much more money. The full bath is right outside the master door.It is near a university and if roommates shared they would want full baths but not sure we want students anyway.
I know no one can give us the exact cost- but would like the range to expect a plumber to charge for this. It would help if I do ask for plumbing estimates. It is a wall that has no plumbing in our unit but not sure about 2 units below us. PLEASE advise!

Re: adding small shower to half bath-Cost of plumber?

There is no way to quote a price with the little information you are providing. Is the access to the plumbing under the floor? What type waste & vent lines do you have? Can the water be turned off in just your unit?
Your best bet is to have a plumbing contractor look at the site. That way a fair estimate could be given for your job.


Re: adding small shower to half bath-Cost of plumber?

Prices for materials and labor differ from area to area, and since the folks on this forum come from various places, it is almost impossible to tell you what you can expect to pay in your town. May I suggest that you call at least 3 local plumbers for bids.

Then there are other issues here:

1. You are in a condo, so you may be under the association's rules, conditions and restrictions. Verify before contracting.

2. While renting, you are under various "equal renting opportunity laws" but remember that renting to students has many disadvantages. Consult real estate agents.

3. If the association issue is settled, and you can add another bath/shower, you need a permit from the building dept.

4. The plumber will need to bring in hot/cold water supplies, drain and venting.

As you can see, it can get very involved. I don't think it's going to be "low price", as you wish, and I don't even know what "low" is for you. Good luck.

Re: adding small shower to half bath-Cost of plumber?

i'll second dj1's response and add the following.

a rough ball park in the northeast is $1,500 per fixture so you're looking at about $1,500 to have a new shower installed which includes water supply, drain and vent.

now, to add to that list are a bunch of "maybe's". where is the main stack, if a new vent has to be added where will it tie into the new stack, in the ceiling of that bathroom or does it have to go staight out the roof, and if so, how many stories is the building. there are tons of variables.

now, since this has to be done on a permit, any other plumbing work that's going to be done has to be done by the plumber, not a handyman or yourself and that includes things such as just installing a new sink. then another thing to keep in mind.....is everything that's existing up to code, if it isn't the plumber will have to address those issues to pass inspection.

what this all boils down to is that you have to get a plumber in there to look at the job. unfortunately we can't help you other than to tell you that.

Re: adding small shower to half bath-Cost of plumber?

Without even seeing the place, I can tell you with almost 100% certainty that it will cost more than $1,500.

But let me tell you this: 1/2 a bath is a big addition to a rental. It will bring you more in rent.

Re: adding small shower to half bath-Cost of plumber?

The toughest part is always the drain lines. They must run downhill and you can't hack your way through floor joists to get where you need to go. The next hurdle is venting. Supply lines are much easier to run.

The condo rules for construction are another price consideration. Some condo's allow work between specific hours, require bonding, have noise requirements, elevator scheduling, restricted veehickle parking, the ever present time wasted getting up and down the elevator, when water shut off is allowed to be scheduled, and some other PITA factors.

Having experience working inside a particular condo is a great help when estimating. When looking for a plumber, its best to start at the management office and ask which tenants have had work done, who is the preferred plumber, and if there were any problems. Then get estimates.

When remodeling in a condo, the first thing we do is install our own (full port ball valve) shut off valves so we can cut off the condo unit without shutting down the entire floor or building. Then we can work at our leisure, turning the water on and off to check for leaks (not that we have any ;) and the building gets the water turned back on as swiftly as possible.

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