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Kevin’s Photo Album | The Reveal

After hard work by the Polks, the TOH TV crew, and the Detroit community, the renovation is complete! Take a look at the before and after comparisons room-by-room as photographed by Kevin O’Connor for his eleventh and final photo album of the house.

Kevin’s Photo Album | Working with the Community

Many local volunteers showed up to help on the Detroit project, and "it was the highlight of this project, working with these people," says Kevin. Meet some of them in Kevin’s tenth photo album.

Kevin’s Photo Album | Urban Farming in Detroit

Land that once supported downtown buildings or homes is now used to grow fruits, vegetables, and other crops for the community. Follow along with Kevin as he explores different gardens and programs in his ninth Detroit photo album.

Kevin’s Photo Album | “Rehabbed & Ready” Home

This season, the TOH TV crew is also following a team from the Rehabbed & Ready program as they tackle renovations on another previously-abandoned home in Detroit. See behind-the-scenes photos in Kevin’s latest photo journal from his time in the city

Kevin’s Photo Album | Pewabic, Detroit’s Local Pottery

The new tile for the Polks’ fireplace surround will be created by Pewabic, Michigan’s only historic pottery. See photos of the process and product in Kevin’s seventh photo album from Detroit.

Kevin’s Photo Album | Restoring the Plaster

Classic techniques meet new technology in an effort to restore the beautiful details of the plaster molding throughout the Polks’ home. Follow along in Kevin’s sixth photo album from Detroit to see how it was done.

Kevin’s Photo Album | Restoring the Windows

In Kevin O’Connor’s fifth Detroit photo album, we get an up-close view of the windows, leaded glass treasures with stained glass crests.

Kevin’s Photo Album | Working on the Detroit House

Sometimes the only way to repair something is to start from scratch. Look through Kevin’s fourth Detroit photo album to see the crew at work (and an extra pic of the host himself!)

Kevin’s Photo Album | It’s All in the Details

Stained-glass crests, plasterwork, and tile are only a few of the features in the Russell Woods home that encouraged the TOH TV team to check out its potential. Kevin O’Connor captures many of them here in the third chapter of his photo album.

Kevin’s Photo Album | Tour the Neighborhood

In this second chapter of Kevin O’Connor’s photo album, you’ll see the abandoned homes that have put Detroit in the perfect position to build itself up again.

The Detroit House: After

Nine months after it went up for auction, an abandoned 1939 house makes a stunning comeback

The Detroit House: Getting Started

Explore our progress on the kitchen, living room, roof, and windows during the renovation and restoration of the Detroit house. This season kicks off on PBS on March 30. Check local listings.

Kevin's Photo Album | Welcome to Detroit

Did you know that TOH TV host Kevin O'Connor is a skilled amateur photographer? And that he often brings his camera with him to the TOH job site? This season, we'll be sharing Kevin's favorite behind-the-scenes photos from the Detroit house. This is the first gallery in a series of weekly photo albums, so make sure you check in for more of Kevin's photos all season long. The Detroit house starts airing on PBS on March 30, 2017. Check local listings.

The Detroit House

A 1939 Russell Woods-area home is restored with help from the community. Watch full episodes on demand here

Detroit. One House at a Time | Episode 4

Take a sneak peek at TOH Detroit in our final Web series episode. New episodes return March 30

Detroit. One House at a Time | Episode 3

Full episodes for our Detroit season of TOH start airing on March 30. In the meantime, go behind the scenes to learn more about the unique renovation process

Detroit. One House at a Time | Episode 2

Though there are plenty of houses in Detroit, the Polks knew immediately that this was their home. Enjoy a special behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming season of TOH TV

Detroit. One House at a Time | Episode 1

Go behind the scenes of TOH's 36th season. Here, meet the amazing city that’s revitalizing its distinctive architectural style

Detroit. One House at a Time | Introduction

Go behind the scenes of the 36th season of This Old House, with a new Web series from the producers

TOH Generation Next: Detroit Superstars

Have you met the 17 Up-and-Comers in our Generation Next program? These young men and women are getting the training they need to go the trade route—and they're proud to be building hands-on careers. Here are three amazing young tradespeople who worked on This Old House TV's breathtaking Detroit House

The Detroit House: Before

A couple of native Detroiters dive into the renovation of a 1939 house with the help of family, friends—and This Old House