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Detroit. One House at a Time | Episode 3

Full episodes for our Detroit season of TOH start airing on March 30. In the meantime, go behind the scenes to learn more about the unique renovation process

Detroit. One House at a Time | Episode 3: The Renovation

Homeowners Frank and Tamiko Polk are ambitious. They planned to only assign contractors to a few projects, and do most of the renovation on their Detroit house themselves. But as TOH contractor Tom Silva says, “It’s not what you see. It’s what you don’t see.”

The Polks welcomed help from the TOH TV crew. “I almost had to pinch myself,” Frank says. Their new home appeared to be in great shape, they soon learned that there were several problems under the surface.

Soon after the crew began work, dozens of neighborhood tradespeople stepped up to offer their time and expertise in this renovation. The bay windows, a focal point of the house, will be restored by a local craftsperson. Meantime, local general contractor, Josh Engle has also joined TOH’s efforts. -Laura Testino

Don't forget to tune in for the full renovation! TOH Detroit starts airing March 30th on PBS. Check local listings.