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Detroit. One House at a Time | Episode 1

Go behind the scenes of TOH's 36th season. Here, meet the amazing city that’s revitalizing its distinctive architectural style

Detroit. One House at a Time | Episode 1: Detroit, Michigan

Old houses in Detroit come with design and architectural elements that new-home owners can only dream about. Detailed craftsmanship even appears on exterior brick, in the form of an ornate builder’s stamp. The Polks’ home has breathtaking stained glass windows and styled archways. These kinds of features are a driving force for renewal and preservation.

“‘Detroit vs. Everybody.’ ‘Detroit Hustles Harder.’ It’s city slogans like those that come from the things that we’ve been through, and how we’ve triumphed and made it to the other side,” TOH TV Season 36 homeowner Frank Polk says of his hometown. “Still here, refined by fire so to speak.” –Laura Testino

Don't forget to tune in for the full renovation! TOH Detroit starts airing March 30th on PBS. Check local listings.