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Stripping Roof Paint

Is removing latex paint from a copper roof something a DIY-er should handle?

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A big job with a lot of hard work that's better fit for professionals


Q: Is removing latex paint from a copper roof something I might be able to do myself?

— David, New Harmony, Indiana

This Old House says:This is a big job requiring a lot of material and a lot of hard work. Although if the copper roof is in good shape and you want to expose it, it could well be worth it. However, it's just not something that I think is worth trying to tackle yourself. If it were my house, I would get a price from a professional paint stripper on doing the job professionally. It's important to be sure you're dealing just with latex paint and that there is no lead paint to remove. Also, as always, use extreme caution when doing any work on your roof, especially if your experience is limited.


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