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S20 E39, Mark McCullough repairs an outdoor pizza oven

How to Repair an Outdoor Pizza Oven

This Old House Mason Mark McCullough shows a homeowner how to breathe new life into their outdoor brick and stone pizza oven.

5 Best Cordless Leaf Blowers (2022 Review)

When the fall season rolls around and your lawn is covered with leaves, a powerful leaf blower is a must-have tool. In this review, the This Old House Reviews Team researched the five best cordless leaf blowers on Amazon to help you find the product that’s right for you and your home.

A Suburban Lot Turns into Magical Garden Rooms

Here's how an ordinary suburban lot became a nature playground for kid and adults alike—with ideas anyone can use

Backyard Renovation: Creating a Low-Maintenance Yard

Using no-fuss materials and water-thrifty plantings, this landscaping pro gave his small urban lot plenty of visual punch

4 Greenhouses Made From Recycled Windows

Check out these smart, budget-friendly tricks to create your own backyard greenhouse with salvaged materials.

Fire Pit Safety: 5 Tips to Consider

Keep your loved ones safe with these fire pit safety tips.

7 Smart Makeover Ideas for a Small Backyard

Check out these easy ways to squeeze more style into your tight outdoor space.

8 Lessons on Stretching a Small Yard

Read on to learn a landscape designer's strategies for maximizing the beauty and utility of a modest-size lot.

Backyard Transformation: Big Ideas for a Small Yard

See how one homeowner transformed her tiny backyard into a lush oasis for outdoor living.

Backyard Remodel: Living Large in a Small Yard

Check out these seven strategies for turning a not-so-big yard into a series of beautiful, useful outdoor rooms.

10 Cedar Projects to Enhance Your Outdoor Space

From dream-worthy decking to stylish lounge furniture, we’ve rounded up ways to create your very own outdoor sanctuary with this versatile and sustainable species

Outdoor Kitchen Planning Guide

Whether you covet a grill and food-prep station on wheels or a built-in BBQ island with fridge and bar seating, don't hit the home center before reading our expert guide to creating a first-rate backyard cook spot.

Roger Cook installs drip-irrigation

How to Install a Water-Saving Drip-Irrigation System

This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook helps a homeowner install a drip-irrigation system

The 5 Best Camping Accessories (2022 Review)

From tents to lanterns, having the right camping gear before you set out on a trip is a must. In this review, the This Old House Reviews Team researched the five best camping accessories on Amazon to help you find the one that’s right for you. The products included in this article are available at various retail stores, local home centers, and online retailers like Amazon.

The Ultimate Summer Maintenance Checklist

The summer months have arrived, meaning certain areas of your home may need some tending. Here are some maintenance tasks to pay attention to this season.

Group of friends playing Kubb game outside

How to Make a Kubb Game Set 

With a little more than a 4x4 post and a bunch of dowels, learn how to make this classic Swedish lawn game.

How to Build a Grilling Station

Create extra storage and work surface from garden accessories and sheet metal.


How to Build a Fire Pit Patio

On their own, handsome stone pavers expand a home’s entertaining space, but add a fire pit and your yard becomes a destination

Get Your Backyard Ready for an Outdoor Party

Summer means fun al fresco, so make sure your landscape is picture perfect and tricked out before the guests arrive.

How to Create a Small Yard With Big Impact

Here are handful of ways to turn a little lot into a series of useful, beautiful outdoor rooms.

28 Easy Summer Weekend Projects

Looking for something to preoccupy your time this summer? Take a look at this roundup of our summer projects.

Everything You Need to Know to Build the Perfect Backyard Pond

Want to introduce an attractive new dimension to your landscape? Just add water. The experts at This Old House explain what it takes to create a handsome, thriving aquatic centerpiece for your backyard.

Backyard Renovation: From Dirt Patch to Perennial Paradise

Twelve years after taking on a barren backyard, this passionate gardener is still weaving it into a rich tapestry of color and texture.

Chainsaw cutting through tree log

How to Use a Chainsaw

Safe and efficient cutting techniques with This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook and chainsaw expert Tim Ard.

How to Build a Great Gazebo

Whether custom designed or built from a kit, a backyard pavilion provides a perfect place to unwind.

All About Built-in Barbecue Pits

Nothing beats the summery pleasure of a juicy burger seared to perfection over an old school charcoal fire. Read our guide to learn everything you need to know before installing one.

Before and After: Creating an Outdoor Relaxation Zone

See how this couple transformed their neglected backyard into an inviting destination with designated activity areas and low-maintenance finishes.

Chicken Coop Must-Haves for a Healthy, Happy Roost

Boost egg-laying productivity and comfort with these accessories

How to Prep Your Grill for Barbecue Season

Before the season really heats up, give your barbecue its annual checkup using these tips.

Ingenious Upgrades for Your Outdoor Rooms

Porch, patio, and deck upgrades that will make you glad you stayed at home.

10 Ways to Transform Your Outdoor Space

Put some spring in your steps and in your planting beds, patios, and pots, too.

6 Things You Need For a Perfect Picnic

Enjoy a meal outdoors with these useful and convenient picnic accessories