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S42 E6: New Light in Old Windows

Decorative Queen Anne style barge rafters are reproduced for the garage addition. The antique windows get restored and primed in the shop, re-glazed, and then returned to the house for installation.

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In this episode:

The barge rafters on the Queen Anne style house are decorative, and the Historic Commission wanted to reflect that in the new garage addition. Tom Silva helps to route the design on the rafters and then they get lifted in place and screwed on.

Figuring out where to hide mechanicals is always a creative challenge. Richard Trethewey shows how Jeff Sweenor’s team solved the problem in the new and old parts of the house.

The original windows of the house are required to stay on the house and all need various degrees of work. Jeff’s master builder, Riley, got the job of refurbishing them. Kevin O’Connor talks to Riley about his process of evaluating the windows.

At Jeff’s shop, Tom meets them as they rebuild—and in some cases build—the sashes. Then the windows are primed and ready for glass.

Back at the house, they flash an opening and install a refurbished original window. Tom shows that the new windows which go on the addition are made with insulted glass and simulated divided lights that resemble the originals.

Original Air Date: Nov 8, 2020 Season 42; Ep.06 23:42

Products and Services from this Episode:

Trim board:
Tru-Pine by Claymark

Window reglazing side trip:
Kent County Glass

Heating & cooling:
Bryant Heating & Cooling Systems


HVAC Contractor:
AGS HVAC Services