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Abell Pest Control Review (2022)

Abell Pest Control promises the fast and safe removal of household pests, with their customer service agents and technicians available to respond to customer requests 24/7. Read our review to learn more about Abell services and customer reviews.

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A pest infestation can affect the health of your family and pets, so it’s best to attack the source of the problem as soon as possible. To help you find the best pest control provider, the This Old House Reviews Team took a look at some of the top pest management companies in the nation, including Terminix, Orkin, and Rentokil, and compared them to Abell Pest Control.

Our top recommendation for your pest control needs is Terminix, a company with PhD-level entomologists and over 90 years of experience in the industry. To make sure you get the best plan for your home, check out top pest control companies like Orkin and Aptive.

Get a quote from all three top-rated companies:

Pros & Cons of Abell Pest Control

To determine whether or not you should purchase services from Abell Pest Control, check out some benefits and drawbacks of the provider:

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Pros Cons
Has over 95 years of experience in the industry Has a limited service area of only four states
The website features helpful resources like Identify a Pest and details about seasonal pests You can’t estimate your pricing until you schedule an inspection
Customer service reps are available 24/7

Abell Pest Control Services

Abell provides pest management services for homeowners and businesses that are dealing with spiders, mice, ants, bed bugs, and more. Here are some of the programs offered by Abell:

  • Home Protection Program—This year-round pest management plan includes scheduled inspections throughout the year with control for 17 common pests.
  • Single Pest Program—This plan is designed to eliminate a single type of pest in the home.
  • Vacation Homes—For pest control that’s customized for the type of infestations inside and around vacation homes and cottages, consider this service.
  • Specialized Bed Bug Management—This customized treatment plan is built to prevent and control bed bugs and may use Integrated Pest Management or chemical-free heat treatments to eliminate the pest population without disturbing your home or the environment.
  • Pest Prevention Program—This program provides general prevention and protection against common household pests.
  • Small/ Large Fly Program—This program is designed to rid your home of small or large flies.


Abell Pest Control is headquartered in Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada, but it has a few service locations in the eastern and midwest United States, including:

  • Florida
  • Ohio
  • Indiana
  • Michigan

To get started with services from Abell, verify that there’s a service team near you by visiting the Abell website and navigating to their “Find a Branch” page. There, you can search for your city or scroll through their open locations.

Abell Pest Control Customer Reviews

Abell Pest Control has been accredited with the Better Business Bureau since 2016 and has an A+ rating with no customer reviews or complaints. We found a mix of positive and negative reviews from third-party review sites like Yelp and Google Reviews.

Here’s one customer review from Yelp:

“Scam company. Don’t give them your info at all. Pay them cash upon delivery. The pest control is ineffective and the costs are astronomical. Find anyone else or so it yourself. This company is based in Canada and has violently aggressive threat tactics. Do avoid!”

Here’s a customer review from Google:

“Keeps all our pest control needs with friendly and fast service. Excellent service from [our technician] who listens and takes care of all our community’s needs. This company offers great service and we would recommend them over all competitors in the Toledo, OH area. Great job…for all your hard work and great customer service!”

Pest Control Company Comparison

Provider Abell Pest Control Terminix Orkin
Provider Abell Pest Control Terminix Orkin
Our Overall Score out of 100 93 98,5 94
States Available 4 47 47
BBB Rating* A+ C+ A+
Online Chat Yes Yes No

*N/A signals inconsistent accreditations and ratings

The This Old House Reviews Team gave Abell Pest Control a 93/100. The company targets 17 common pests and provides a money-back guarantee, but it’s only available in four states.

Our Conclusion

If you’re located in Florida, Ohio, Indiana, or Michigan Abell Pest Control may be a decent option for basic pest management. However, because Abell is only available in four states and doesn’t display transparent pricing on their website, homeowners may be better off with a more trusted pest control provider.

With extensive pest control services across the county, our top recommendations are Terminix, Orkin, or Rentokil. Each of these companies utilizes practices that are backed by science and are known for stellar customer service.

If you're interested in getting a free quote from Orkin, call 877-868-1416, or fill out this simple form. For a free quote from Terminix, call 866-569-4035 or fill out this form.

Company Information

  • Company name: Abell Pest Control Inc.
  • Company type: Private
  • CEO: Mike Heimbach
  • Year founded: 1924
  • Headquarters: 246 Attwell Dr, Toronto, ON M9W 5B4
  • State availability: 4
  • BBB rating: A+

Our Rating Methodology

This Old House Reviews Team values accuracy, transparency, and trust. We created a thorough, objective rating system and scored each pest control company based on our methodology.

We spent hours researching companies by speaking with representatives and technicians directly over the phone, via email, and through chat to get the most up-to-date and useful information about plans, costs, and more.

Finally, we created a ranking system to determine the best pest control companies, using key criteria like number and type of plans, state availability, customer service, and more. You can find more detailed information on it here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Abell Pest Control

How experienced are Abell Pest Control professionals?

The team at Abell Pest Control is composed of trained professionals who care about their customers and are dedicated to protecting their peace of mind. Each technician is licensed by the state and trained regularly at Abell University.

Does Abell offer eco-friendly services?

Abell is GreenPro Certified, which means they are adept at delivering effective pest control that’s also safe for the environment.

How do I sign up for pest control services?

Explore the “Identify a Pest” page to browse household pests—this can help you identify your pest infestation and better develop a plan of attack with your technician. When you’re ready to get a free estimate from Abell Pest Control, fill out the form on the website with your contact information and details about the type of pest you want to eliminate.

After submitting the form, you can schedule an appointment for a home inspection with an Abell Pest Control technician who can build a treatment plan around your home’s pest control needs. You can also upload a photo of your infestation to the website to get an expert analysis and recommendation for treatment.

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