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Green Done Right

Photo by David Fenton

Green is a wonderful color for kitchens—vibrant yet cool, denoting healthiness and calm at the same time. And it's easy to find inspiration for the right shade; just look around. It could come from a celery stalk, a jadeite plate, a lime, an asparagus spear, a bunch of sage, a slice of cucumber, or even the skin of a Granny Smith apple. But first, take a look at our gallery to see how the projects of others, similarly inspired, came out.

Shown: Modern, pared down cabinets in equally modern hues of fresh lime and soft spruce. See more details on this vintage kitchen.

Jade Meets Lime

Photo by Pete Bleyer

Hand-glazed tile in jade and a wash of lime on the island's base burnish the honey-hued cabinetry and copper vent.

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Bright Green

Photo by Tim Street-Porter

The bright hopeful green of early spring's freshly unfurled leaves juices up this kitchen.

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Cool Green

Photo by John Granen

Palest mint gives this kitchen a cool and bright 1950s vibe. The green tint echoes the stained glass in the back door.

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Echoes of Color

Photo by J. Curtis

A deep-green stone counter and a runner the pick up the sage hue of the cabinetry.

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Mix of Greens

Photo by Eric Piasecki

Several shades of green on cabinetry, backsplash, and light fixtures keeps the mood serene, while the beadboard-clad island and lower cabinets sport a harmonious butter hue.

Get the details on this kitchen's island.

Green-Red Connection

Photo by Deborah Whitlaw Llewellyn

Red, green's complementary color, adds oomph to this kitchen in the form of candy apple-colored cabinetry.

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Pretty Leaf Green

Photo by Nathan Kirkman

Leaf green wainscoting paired with Arts and Crafts-style wallpaper rings true to this early 20th century-style kitchen.

Check out the background on this Kentucky kitchen's renovation.

Pine Green

Photo by Helen Norman

An island coated with a wash of pine green contrasts with the light creamy hue on the wall.

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A Green Highlight

Photo by Michael Luppino

One accent wall in hazy sage brings this white kitchen into focus.

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Tree-Inspired Hue

Photo by Walt Roycroft

Take inspiration from a tree: Start with a backsplash in wood tones and top it with leaf-hued paint. Here, warm yellow green defines the vaulted ceiling above multi-hued tiles.

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Fresh Green

Photo by Laura Moss

Paint as fresh as a new blade of grass brightens this otherwise rather tamely colored cooking space.

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Pale Green

Photo by Bob Narod

The muted floor-to-ceiling pale green of this Colonial-style kitchen gets a kick from cabinets painted an unexpected deep violet-blue.

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Perfect Lime Green

Photo by Nathan Kirkman

Shades of lime, both peel and pulp, freshen up a classic galley kitchen.

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Monochromatic Look

Photo by Nathan Kirkman

Monochromatic cabinetry reflects off a stamped-tin backsplash that echoes the patterned ceiling.

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Mint Green

Photo by Gregg Segal

Minty fresh cabinetry and trim matches the clean lines of this decidedly modern kitchen.

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Aqua Green

Photo by Michael Casey

A sea glass-colored tile backsplash keeps the feeling aquatic when paired with robin's egg-blue cabinetry.

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Green for Warmth

Photo by Gregg Segal

Caramel colored tile-work and light fixtures add warmth to celadon cabinetry.

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Fern Green

Photo by John Ellis

Touches of fern green highlight a beautiful arched window and doorway.

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Bold Green

Photo by Michael Casey

Painting the island green instead of white like the rest of the kitchen gives it the vibe of vintage cabinetry. A wood countertop is a natural choice.

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