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Kids' Room Ideas & Inspiration

Explore inspiring kids' room ideas that will drastically make your home more efficient & appealing.

How to Outfit Your Home to Help Your Kids' Study Habits

Create homework areas for your kids that'll encourage focus and organization, while helping improve grades

Before & After Garage: Creating a Retreat for Teens

Big kids want to be on their own—and parents like to know where they are. For one family, bonus garage space just steps from the house offers the perfect hangout solution.

8 Creative Design Ideas From Outrageous Kids' Playrooms

Doable ideas for play areas that put your blanket fort to shame


How to Build a Kids' Bookcase

Use oak stair treads and pine boards to create right-size shelves that keep books and toys within easy reach of small hands

Best Educational Toys | Gift Guide 2018

From dollhouses and play kitchens you can assemble together, to STEM/ STEAM toys for kids that spark interest in tech and the trades, here are our top picks for fostering skill and cognitive development DROP A HINT! See something you want? Use the social media buttons below to share on Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest and drop a not-so-subtle hint

10 Ways to Upcycle Sports Gear into Children's Furniture

Don't leave it on the field! Check out these sporty ways to repurpose athletic equipment

7 Kid-Friendly Projects to Do This Weekend

Need some ideas for kid-friendly projects? Read our suggestions for quick-and-easy DIY activities for you and your kids.

Creating a Safe, Healthy Playroom

Playrooms made with healthy, fun, durable, eco-friendly materials