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Kids' Room How To & DIY

Improve the value of your home by discovering our kids' room step-by-step tips & ideas.


How to Build a Toy Chest

How to make handy storage for games and gizmos, with instructions for parents and kids.

Block Out a Homework Spot With Wall Stripes

Use this eye-tricking scheme to turn an awkward recess into an inviting private alcove


Build It | Holiday Toy Box

Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva and host Kevin O’Connor build a toy box for Tom’s grandson

Tom Silva and two children walking on stilts.

How to Build Wooden Stilts

Walk a little taller after assembling these fun playtime accessories.

Child in room with wall cubbies.

How to Build Wall Cubbies

How to make decorative modular boxes, with instructions for parents and kids.

8 Design Tips for Your Kid's Study Space

Set up the ideal place for your child to concentrate with these smart tips

10 Ways to Upcycle Sports Gear into Children's Furniture

Don't leave it on the field! Check out these sporty ways to repurpose athletic equipment

How to Outfit Your Home to Help Your Kids' Study Habits

Create homework areas for your kids that'll encourage focus and organization, while helping improve grades


How to Build an Easel

Foster your child's inner creativity by building an easel with them


How to Build a Step Stool

How to make a mini platform with a checkerboard top, with instructions for parents and kids