As you move into your new rental and look into insurance policies, consider Allstate renters insurance for coverage. The company has close to 90 years of industry experience, provides 24/7 customer service, and offers a variety of products and services to customers.

The This Old House Reviews Team has created this Allstate renters insurance review to take an in-depth look at the company’s coverage, pricing, and benefits. Keep reading to determine if Allstate offers the best renters insurance coverage for your needs.

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Pros & Cons of Allstate Renters Insurance

✔ Has a tool to help you calculate the value of your personal belongings✘ Not explicit about what events count as covered losses
✔ Provides additional coverage for valuable items like jewelry✘ Coverage amounts for personal property, loss of use, liability, and medical payments vary by state
✔ Customers can choose an RCV or ACV policy for personal property coverage

Allstate Renters Insurance Coverage

Allstate is not clear about all of the events it will cover under a renters insurance policy, but here a few that were mentioned on the website:

  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Fire and smoke
  • Water damage from your water heater, plumbing, furnace, or air conditioning

Like many other renters insurance policies, you’ll receive coverage for the following areas:

1. Personal Property Coverage

To get protection for the exact amount your personal belongings are worth, take an inventory of your items, and use Allstate’s tool to estimate their value. Allstate will then allow you to choose between a replacement cash value (RCV) or actual cash value (ACV) policy. RCV policies are more expensive, but you get to replace your damaged items with new ones. ACV takes into account depreciation to calculate how much the item is worth now.

In the quote we received from Allstate, it offered $15,000 (Basic Plan), $25,000 (Standard Plan), and $40,000 (Enhanced Plan) for personal property coverage.

2. Loss of Use Coverage

When an event puts you out of your rental temporarily, your renters insurance will cover living expenses, like staying in a hotel room or renting another property.

3. Liability Coverage

If you are held accountable for an incident that caused property damage or bodily injury to someone, your policy will cover the costs. An example of this may be if your pipes burst and damaged the belongings of your downstairs neighbor.

In our Allstate quote, it offered $100,000 (Basic Plan/Standard Plan) and $300,000 (Enhanced Plan) for liability coverage.

4. Coverage for Medical Payments to Others

Your policy will cover guest medical coverage up to a certain amount if they’re injured in your home.

In the quote we received, Allstate offered $1,000 per person for medical payments to others.

Here are the available amounts you can take out for each coverage type in your policy, according to sample North Carolina information our team submitted:

Allstate Range of Coverage

Coverage TypeRange of Coverage
Personal Property$25,000–$150,000
Loss of UseNo limit
Medical Payments to Others$1,000–$5,000

Allstate Optional Coverage

You can add these items onto your Allstate renters insurance policy for an additional cost:

  • Extended coverage on jewelry, watches, and furs—This increases the personal property protection for more expensive items.
  • Scheduled personal property—This allows you to get more protection for items, like engagement rings, that have already been appraised.
  • Identity theft restoration—This coverage helps with legal fees and lost work when your identity is stolen.
  • Increased coverage on business property—If you keep business documents or other business-related materials at your home, you can cover them with this add-on.
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist—This add-on protects you when you’re in an accident with an at-fault driver who doesn’t have liability coverage or their liability coverage is too low. This coverage is only available in some states.

Allstate also offers two other insurance policies that have to be purchased separately but can supplement your renters insurance:

  • Flood insurance—Renters insurance typically only covers water damage from plumbing problems, which leaves you vulnerable to water damage from flooding. If you live in a flood zone, you can increase your water damage protection with flood insurance.
  • Personal Umbrella Policy (PUP)—PUP kicks in when your personal liability maximum has been reached, giving you extra liability coverage for larger accidents.

How Much Does Allstate Renters Insurance Cost?

Allstate renters insurance costs about $16 per month, according to the company’s website. The This Old House Reviews Team wanted to confirm that rate, so we requested an insurance quote for a one-bedroom apartment in Raleigh, North Carolina:

Cost of Allstate Renters Insurance

Coverage TypeRange of Coverage
Personal Property$25,000–$150,000
Loss of UseNo limit
Medical Payments to Others$1,000–$5,000

Your Allstate renters insurance deductible could be $250, $500, or $1,000.

To see how your policy would compare to the average Allstate price, have this information on hand to get a free quote:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Security features
  • Date of birth
  • Number of tenants in a unit
  • Number of units in the building
  • Employment status
  • Number of pets

Allstate Renters Insurance Discounts

Allstate has five renters insurance discounts:

  • Multi-policy discount—You can get a discount for purchasing both renters and auto policies from Allstate.
  • Safe home discount—If you have certain safety features in your rental, like fire alarms and security systems, you can save up to 15% on your policy.
  • Easy pay plan—If you set up automatic payments for your policy, you will save 5% on your policy.
  • 55 and retired discount—If you’re retired and at least 55 years old, you can save 25% on your policy.
  • Claim-free discount—If you have never filed a renters insurance claim, you can save up to 20% on your policy. That amount will increase each year you stay claim-free.

Customer Service and Claims Support

Allstate operates through agents around the country, so your local agent should be your first point of contact for quote and policy questions. However, you can call Allstate’s main customer service line at 800-255-7828. Allstate also has an online quote tool that allows you to get an instant quote and purchase a policy in under 10 minutes without talking to a company representative.

Allstate holds an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and customers have left both positive and negative reviews. However, because the BBB profile is for the entire company, only a handful of reviews are specifically Allstate renters insurance reviews.

If you want to file a claim, you can log into your account online, use the mobile app, or call the Allstate claims center at 877-810-2920.

Our Conclusion

Allstate has been in business for close to 90 years, and although it is a national company, you can still get that small-company feel with local agents providing assistance for all your renters insurance needs. Allstate coverage is also customizable, allowing you to choose whether you want RCV or ACV personal property protection and whether you want extra protection for other items in your home.

To see if an Allstate policy fits into your budget, get a quote by using the online tool or by calling your local agent. We recommend getting quotes from other renters insurance providers to compare coverage and pricing:

Compare Renters Insurance Policies & Rates
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If you’re not sure whether Allstate is right for you, compare it to other top-rated renters insurance companies below.

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Credit card coverage in basic policy

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About $16

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Company Overview

  • Company Name: The Allstate Corporation
  • CEO: Tom Wilson
  • Years in Business: 89
  • State Availability: 50
  • Address: 901 S State Street
  • City/State: Lockport, IL
  • Zip Code: 60441
  • A.M. Best Financial Strength Rating: A+

Frequently Asked Questions About Allstate

How long does it take for renters insurance to kick in?

Most renters insurance companies allow you to start coverage the day after you get a free quote and purchase a policy.

What is the contract term for Allstate renters insurance?

Most renters insurance policies, including ones from Allstate, last one year. After the contract term is up, you can choose to renew or cancel your policy.

What happens if I’m late with a payment?

Missing or late payments could result in a lapse of coverage or termination of your policy. If you missed a payment, or are late with a payment, contact your Allstate agent or call 877-810-2920.

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