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Amica Homeowners Insurance Review (2022)

Amica offers a wide range of home insurance coverage and discounts but isn’t available in every state. Learn more in this Amica home insurance review.

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Purchasing a home insurance policy can protect you from losses due to burglary or unforeseen disasters. Without a policy, these situations can hurt your budget and leave you without shelter and with no guaranteed way to pay for temporary accommodations.

Choosing the best home insurance company for your needs means evaluating coverage, costs, availability, and more. The This Old House Reviews Team has done some of the work for you, creating this in-depth Amica® home insurance review to help you make your decision.

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Our Rating of Amica Home Insurance

We give Amica a score of 96.60 out of 100.

Amica offers a wide range of home insurance options, including all basic coverage in addition to supplemental protections to round out your policy.

Several discounts are available, as is a network of contractors and a special dividend program in most areas. Amica is one of the most affordable home insurance companies we have reviewed.

Unfortunately, Amica does not provide home insurance in all states. Homeowners in Alaska, Florida, and Hawaii will have to look elsewhere. Also, homeowners in certain states, including North Carolina, California, Florida, and Missouri, can’t participate in the dividend program.

Pros & Cons of Amica Home Insurance

✔ Extensive coverage options
✔ Affordable and customizable policies with discount options to help lower premiums
✔ Contractor Connection

✘ Not available in Alaska, Florida, or Hawaii
✘ Doesn’t use local agents, so customer service can be difficult to reach
✘ Certain options and perks are not offered in some states

Amica Home Insurance Coverage

Amica offers standard home insurance coverage, along with some supplemental add-ons. Through Contractor Connection, Amica offers a network of 2,000 licensed and insured contractors.

Here is what is covered with Amica home insurance:

  • Dwelling: Covers the cost of repairing or replacing the home’s interior and exterior, along with any additional structures (garage, shed, etc.). Coverage limits for this type usually equal the appraised value of the home.
  • Personal Property: Pays for losses of personal belongings, including clothing, electronics, and furniture. Coverage limits for this type of coverage are typically around 70% of the dwelling limit in the policy.
  • Personal Liability: Covers legal fees (including attorney fees, court fees, and any damages) if someone is injured on your property. Coverage limits for this type of coverage are usually customizable with options between $100,000–$1,000,000.
  • Loss of Use/Additional Living Expenses: Pays for additional living expenses, such as room accommodations and food, if your home is temporarily uninhabitable due to covered damages or destruction. Coverage limits for this type of protection usually fall around 10%–30% of the policy’s set dwelling limit.
  • Medical Payments: Covers medical expenses if someone is injured in your home. Coverage for this type is customizable with options typically between $1,000 and $10,000 per person.

Amica also offers a range of extra coverage options:

  • Personal property replacement: Fully covers the replacement cost for stolen or damaged items, instead of depreciated value
  • Scheduled personal property: Offers more extensive protection for valuable items like jewelry or antiques
  • Automatic dwelling coverage increase: Increases coverage limits when the cost to rebuild your home exceeds what your underlying policy allows
  • Credit card: Covers up to $5,000 if your card is used fraudulently
  • Water backup/sump pump failure: Covers damage from water backup and sump pump failure
  • Computer: Covers computers, tablets, smart televisions, and smartphones
  • Catastrophic: Covers damage due to earthquakes and floods
  • Liability and medical payment: Increases liability coverage for legal fees and medical expenses

Amica Home Insurance State Availability

Amica home insurance is available in 47 states. The insurance provider does not cover homes in:

How Much Does Amica Home Insurance Cost?

We requested a quote for a 2,200-square-foot, single-family home in North Carolina.

Amica’s monthly cost of $94 is even lower than the national monthly average, which is $101, according to the Insurance Information Institute.

The exact cost of Amica home insurance depends on a variety of factors, including your property value, size, and the materials it was constructed with, where you live, the coverage limits you select, the insurance deductible you choose, and more.

In most states, Amica offers a dividend program. This means that while your policy might cost more upfront, the payment is invested as a dividend, so a portion is refunded to you at the end of the policy term.

Amica Home Insurance Cost

Type of Coverage Amount of Coverage
Type of Coverage Amount of Coverage
Dwelling $250,000
Other structures $25,000
Personal property $187,500
Loss of use $50,000
Liability $300,000
Medical payments to others $1,000 per person
Replacement cost Yes
Expanded coverage Yes
Deductible $1,000
Monthly Cost $94

Amica Home Insurance Discounts

Amica offers a variety of discounts to help lower the cost of your homeowners insurance coverage.

  • Multi-policy: Discount for bundling multiple Amica insurance policies. It’s great for homeowners who already have an auto insurance policy with Amica.
  • Claim-free: Discount for not filing a claim for more than three years. It’s great for new homeowners or anyone who hasn’t experienced any recent perils or losses on their previous policies.
  • E-discount: Discount for receiving all billing and policy information electronically. This discount is perfect for homeowners who prefer to pay bills online.
  • Autopay: Discount for placing insurance payments on auto-pay. It’s ideal for those who want to avoid the hassle of paying their bill on time each month.
  • Loyalty: Discount for being with Amica for at least two years. Homeowners satisfied with their Amica policy can access extra savings after renewing their policy twice.
  • Alarm system: Discount for installed burglar alarms, fire alarms, and sprinkles. It’s great for homes with added safety features and home security systems.
  • Automatic detection devices: Discount for water and gas leak sensors. It’s an added savings opportunity for houses with extra protection from leaks.
  • New and remodeled homes: Discount for new or remodeled homes. It’s great for those who have recently renovated their homes, as well as new homebuyers purchasing recently constructed houses.

Customer Reviews of Amica Home Insurance

Amica is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and holds an A+ rating from the organization. However, customers rate Amica 1.5 out of 5 stars. On Amica’s Better Business Bureau profile, common complaints include rising insurance premiums and difficulty canceling policies. Reviews echo increasing prices but also note pleasant and competent customer service.

Here’s what some customers had to say about their experience with Amica.

Ted said:

“The Amica insurance company has been my insurer for at least seven years for both home and auto coverage. I have always been pleased with the response to my issues and claims. They are always very professional and pleasant to deal with when resolving a claim or any other issues. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who is looking for auto or home insurance coverage.”

Kimberly M. said:

“I have had a homeowners insurance policy with Amica for more than four years claim free. This past year during a front porch remodel, there was some significant dry rot discovered and a minimal claim was processed (<$5,000). It is close to renewal time for my policy and I have received a letter from Amica stating that due to my excessive claims they have decided not to renew my policy. I will now have to find a new insurance carrier and I will definitely check their reviews here before I make any decisions.”

Compare Amica Home Insurance

See how Amica homeowners insurance compares to other top providers:

Amica vs. Other Home Insurance Companies

Provider Get Quote Our score BBB Rating 24/7 Claims Service Bundling Discount Mobile App
Provider Get Quote Our score BBB Rating 24/7 Claims Service Bundling Discount Mobile App
Amica - 96.60 A+
Lemonade Get Quote 83.50 B+
Farmers Get Quote 94.40 A+ X

For more in-depth comparisons, refer to the following resources:

Amica Home Insurance FAQs

Is Amica homeowners insurance good?

Amica offers solid home insurance coverage across the 47 states, in addition to multiple discount opportunities. However, the company does not use local agents, and the perks can differ from state to state.

What does Amica stand for?

Amica stands for Automobile Mutual Insurance Company of America.

What does Amica home insurance cover?

Amica home insurance covers the dwelling, personal belongings, personal liability, additional living expenses, and medical payments to guests in its basic policy. Extended coverage, or endorsements, include credit card and water backup coverage, and more.

What does Amica home insurance not cover?

Like most home insurance companies, Amica does not cover flood or earthquake damage or destruction as part of its basic policies. However, catastrophic coverage can be purchased at an additional cost.

Company Information

  • Company name: Amica
  • Company type: Public
  • CEO: Robert A. DiMuccio
  • Year founded: 1907
  • Headquarters: 100 Amica Way, Lincoln, RI 02865
  • State availability: 47
  • BBB Rating: A+

Is Amica Home Insurance Best for You?

Amica is not one of the largest home insurance companies in the country and is not available in every state.

However, it offers a solid range of coverage and discount options in the states where it is available and is one of the most affordable home insurance companies we have reviewed.

Significant advantages include its Contractor Connection and dividends program.

Unfortunately, Amica does not use local insurance agents, is not available nationwide, and its perks can differ from state to state.

While homeowners in most states covered by Amica can benefit from the dividend program, those in North Carolina, Missouri, and California cannot.

For anyone considering purchasing home insurance, we recommend getting quotes from multiple providers in your area so you can find the best plan. To get free home insurance quotes from companies near you, call 855-948-5219 or enter your zip code in the tool below:

Our Methodology

The This Old House Reviews Team values accuracy, transparency, and trust. With that in mind, we created a thorough, objective rating system to score each home insurance company based on the following six factors:

  • Coverage (30)
  • State availability (7.5)
  • Customer service (15)
  • Technology (12.5)
  • Reputation (20)
  • Additional benefits (15)

Our Reviews Team has a full-time researcher who collects and regularly updates data points from every company to help us compare them on key factors such as coverage, service, and dependability. Read more on our methodology here.

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