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ePremium Renters Insurance Review (2022)

In this ePremium renters insurance review, we examine the company’s coverage, cost, reputation, and more.

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ePremium is a renters insurance company that works directly with property managers across the country to offer their tenants a quick way to fulfill their renters insurance requirements. The property you live in has to partner with ePremium for you to be eligible for one of their renters insurance coverage policies.

If your property manager advertises ePremium to you as a renters insurance option, thoroughly research ePremium and your other insurance options to find the best renters insurance for your home. To make your search easier, the This Old House Reviews Team did the work for you. Keep reading this ePremium renters insurance review to learn about coverage and pricing.

Compare the advantages and disadvantages of ePremium:

Pros & Cons of ePremium Renters Insurance

Pros Cons
Pros Cons
✔ Allows you to get a quote without giving any personal information ✘ Only available for select properties that have partnered with ePremium
✔ No cancellation fees ✘ Limited coverage amounts
✔ Every renter is guaranteed to get approved for a policy ✘ Doesn't offer coverage for medical payments to others

ePremium Renters Insurance Coverage

Covered perils under an ePremium renters insurance policy include:

  • Fire
  • Lightning
  • Windstorm
  • Burglary
  • Explosion
  • Smoke
  • Vandalism
  • Hail
  • Artificial electrical current
  • Water
  • Weight of ice, snow, and sleet
  • Falling objects

There are three types of coverage offered under an ePremium policy:

1. Personal Property Coverage: If a covered event damages your personal belongings, this portion of your policy will cover replacement costs. To determine how much your belongings are worth and how much personal property coverage to get, you can use the ePremium coverage calculator on the company’s website.

2. Loss of Use Coverage: ePremiums will cover additional living expenses when a covered event damages your property enough that you have to temporarily live elsewhere during repairs. An example of an additional living expense would be the cost of a hotel room.

3. Liability Coverage: This part of the policy protects you against personal liability claims. If you’re held liable for an event that injures your neighbor or damages their property, ePremium will pay the costs associated with it.

Note: ePremium doesn’t offer coverage for medical payments to others, which is a common area of coverage in other insurance policies.

Here’s an overview of ePremium coverage options in North Carolina:

ePremium Range of Coverage

Area of Coverage Amount Range
Area of Coverage Amount Range
Personal property $20,000–$70,000
Loss of use 20% of personal property
Liability $100,000
Deductible $250

ePremium Additional Coverage

Depending on where you live, you’ll have some or all of the following add-on options:

  • Refrigerated personal property
  • Earthquakes
  • Bed bug remediation
  • Water backup protection
  • Pet damage liability
  • Identity theft

How Much Does ePremium Cost?

An ePremium policy costs between $11–$22 per month. To confirm that estimate, the This Old House Reviews Team requested a quote for a one-bedroom apartment in Raleigh, North Carolina:

Cost Breakdown

Area of Coverage Coverage Amount
Area of Coverage Coverage Amount
Personal property $25,000
Loss of use $5,000
Personal liability coverage $100,000
Deductible $250
Yearly cost $183 ($15.25 per month)

To get a quote from ePremium, your property manager has to partner with the company. Once you confirm that ePremium works with your property, go to ePremium’s website, type in your zip code, and select your property from the dropdown menu. You can then request a quote without inputting any personal information.

Customer Service and Claims Support

Customers can call 800-319-1390 for general questions Monday through Friday, from 9 am–6 pm. You also have the option of filling out an online form on the “Contact Us” page and selecting the subject of your inquiry from a list of eight options, which will direct you to a form to complete.

Renters insurance policyholders also have a customer portal. Depending on where you live, Kemper, QBE, or Millennial Specialty insurance will provide your ePremium policy, and you will log into that provider’s portal to access your policy and payment options.

Our Conclusion

ePremium renters insurance is best for a renter that wants to quickly fulfill their landlord’s renters insurance requirement. ePremium doesn’t offer customizable coverage, 24/7 customer service, or low monthly premiums.

We recommend getting quotes from at least three renters insurance agencies to determine if ePremium or another provider will offer the best protection for your home.

If you’re not sure whether ePremium is right for you, compare it to other top-rated renters insurance companies below.

Compare Renters Insurance Companies

Company ePremium Travelers Geico
Company ePremium Travelers Geico
Known for Easy enrollment Multiple coverage options Low deductibles
Monthly price $11–$22 About $17 As low as $12
Customer service Monday through Friday, from 9am–6 pm 24/7 for claims and customer service; limited for quotes 24/7
BBB rating A+ A+ A+

Company Overview

  • CEO: Chad Scott
  • Years in business: 13
  • State availability: 50
  • Address: 4770 Duke Drive, Suite 200
  • City/State: Mason, OH
  • Zipcode: 45040
  • A.M. Best financial strength rating: N/A

Frequently Asked Questions About ePremium

How do I cancel my ePremium renters insurance policy?

You can cancel your ePremium policy at any time by calling 800-319-1390 or using the “cancel policy/coverage” option on the online form. There is no cancellation fee, and you may be eligible for a prorated refund depending on how far into your policy you are.

How do I get my temporary relocation paid for by ePremium?

Your loss of use coverage doesn’t kick in until after you’re back in your primary residence, which means you have to pay for the relocation out of pocket and get reimbursed later. During the time of your relocation, you must keep all of your receipts and hand them over during the claims process.

How long after filing a claim will ePremium process it?

Because ePremium doesn’t have 24/7 customer service, it could take up to 72 business hours for an adjuster to be assigned to your claim and for the claims process to start.

Does ePremium offer other insurance products?

The only other type of insurance ePremium offers is security deposit insurance. When you move into an apartment, you pay a security deposit that will be given back to you at the end of the lease if you properly maintain the property.

Instead of paying the security deposit, you can purchase insurance that’s lower than the deposit amount. You won’t get the insurance money back when you move out, but you get to save a few hundred dollars upfront because you didn’t have to pay the full security deposit.

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