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How to Reimagine a Historic Landscape Design

Ask This Old House landscape designer Jenn Nawada uses an historic landscape design from a protégé of Frederick Law Olmsted as inspiration to transform an overgrown backyard.

American House Styles

Take a stroll through the history of American houses, from the colonial era to the modern age.

Historic Paint Colors: The Best Palettes for Traditional Houses

Color trends may come and go, but some paint palettes just seem to have staying power. Consider the 10 historical color combinations showcased here for home interiors.

How to Research the History of Your House

Every old house has a story to tell. Find out when your home was built, who lived there, and how they changed it.

Touring Historic Lafayette Square in St Louis

Ask This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey visits the historic Lafayette Square neighborhood in St Louis, which was destroyed by a tornado in 1896 and was largely neglected until fairly recently.


A Tour of Antique Plumbing and the Toilet of the Future

Ask This Old House Richard Trethewey examines historic items from the history of his family’s plumbing company and takes a look at the latest toilet technology.


200 Years of Building Sheathing Technology

Kevin O'Connor and building science expert Joe Lstiburek discuss the benefits of using OSB sheathing

Family Love Sustains Three Colonial-era Homes in Newport

As part of a unique preservation program, three siblings living in a cluster of historic houses enjoy a close connection to the 18th century—and each other

Touring Saint Paul's Street Caves

Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva goes on a tour of the Wabasha Street Caves in Saint Paul, Minnesota. The caves were once used to mine silica and are now used for special events

All the Presidents' Paint Colors

Whether you live in a red state or a blue one, these paint colors—all from houses of former commanders-in-chief—just might get your vote

Why Barns are Red and More Paint Color Cues

The stories behind certain hues associated with the American landscape

American Companies Making Home Goods for 100+ Years

These companies weathered 100 years or more of economic busts, technological revolutions, and changing consumer tastes

A 19th-Century House With All the Comforts of Home

This 1896 house was so historic it boasted lead pipes, drafty windows, and no garage. Then along came new owners with kids, cars, dogs—and a preservation-minded remodel plan

Paint-Color Ideas for Ornate Victorian Houses

Earthy and subdued or vivid and energetic, there's a palette to suit your Queen Anne, Italianate, or Second Empire house's architecture—and your personality

The Beauty of Antique Tools

Classic hand tools can be collectible, sure—but don't relegate them to the display shelf just yet. Hit the country's largest antiques market with TOH master carpenter Norm Abram

Hey, My House Had One of Those!

TOH readers fondly recall the lost architectural details—from water pumps to milk boxes—that gave old houses character

Old House, Smart House

Before getting comfy meant adjusting the thermostat, homes were designed to catch a breeze or, in colder climes, to block one. See how traditional building elements can make your home more efficient today

If You Dig Up Artifacts During a Remodel

Your old house reveals new charms when you uncover the personal possessions—and with them, the stories—of the people who lived there before you

Heirloom Tools

Tools your kids will fight over when you're dead

Old-Time Tools

A hardware store from a different era

15 Milestones That Changed Housing

A century's worth of technology, legislation, and plain old capitalism made our homes what they are today