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Doormat Roundup | Refresh Your Entry

Swapping in a new doormat is one simple way to extend a warmer welcome. Mats made with durable, sustainable coir—derived from coconut husks—are great at removing dirt and debris from shoes; these designs have the bonus of matching classic American house styles


Stylized poppies marry lively color and vintage appeal.

17" x 28", $30; Wayfair

Queen Anne

Rubber outlines evoke leaded glass.

24" x 36", $59; Birch Lane


A Williamsburg quilt inspired this pattern.

Entryways 22" x 35" mat, $80; Hayneedle

Arts & Crafts

The iris motif is based on a 1906 design by Dard Hunter.

19" x 29", $50; Mackintosh Design


The blue tumbling blocks have a modern look.

18" x 30", $35; Allmodern

This doormat is currently out of stock but is expected to be back in stock by Sep 2, 2019.