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yard contamination

I take very good care of my front yard, lots of time and money keeping it lush and green! My back yard not so much, really just mowing it is all I do. Because of my dogs it is really no use in trying to care for it, but my question is can I contaminate my front yard with the weeds from my back yard when I use the mulcher to mow I know there is usually a lot of grass stuck to the bottom of my craftsman high tunnel mower!!!

Re: yard contamination

It's a law of nature that weed spreads. You don't need to help nature in that regard. Pollens and seeds are airborne. You can protect your front lawn with chemicals, and if you do just that, don't worry about "lawn mower contamination".

You can also clean your mower after each use in the back yard, especially under the deck, if you want. Your yard machine will look like new.

BTW, you mentioned Craftsman high tunnel mulcher: how do you like it?

Re: yard contamination

You should clean your mower after each use anyway.

Re: yard contamination

The craftsman mower is 1 of the best I have ever used! I love it! I got the electric start model and now have become spoiled!!!!:):)

Re: yard contamination

Agreed with dj1 as its law of nature that weed spread but you can clean your mower everytime.

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