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Wood Window Repair, Making, Restoration

Hi – I need your help.
Did you ever have your old Original Wood Windows repaired or restored or re-made?

I am compiling a listing of businesses that perform the above since people doing this type of work are hard to find. The results will be made available, free to everyone on www.OldHouseGuy.com

We need to save our old windows, the character of our old homes, and stop adding to the landfills!
You can help by providing information which will help others and
By passing on this request to other lists.

Please click on the following link to submit your info:


Thanks for your help. I greatly appreciate your contribution, and so will the many other old house owners. I will email you when our list is completed.


Re: Wood Window Repair, Making, Restoration

Step 1 - Install good quality storm windows.

Step 2 - spend the next 10 years or so restoring the sashes.

Actually I wish there was a place that have pre-made cartons & packaging materials, you send a deposit, they send the cartons and you ship your sashes to their shop to be restored. 6-8 weeks later, you have like new sashes.

I have no problem taking to time to remove them, but I don't have the spare time to do the paint removal, glazing and full restoration.

Re: Wood Window Repair, Making, Restoration

What if I did my own?

Upper & lower sash looked like this.

Nice bead of Sarco putty...

Ready for weights!

Cleaned off old shellac & 3 new coats of Amber Shellac.

Same view as fist pic. Fully restored

Re: Wood Window Repair, Making, Restoration

I am in the process of reconstructing my windows and upgrading the weatherstripping (spring bronze in the tracks and silicone where sashes meet rails.

There is a guy in Ann Arbor MI who had this same thing done, and it was enough to reduce almost all his air leaks. It was part of a bigger process to bring his house to net zero. But this LINK has the information on how he did the windows.

Re: Wood Window Repair, Making, Restoration

***! BungalowMo, that looks great! I'll be undertaking something similar come spring... just moved into a house with MANY old windows in need of repair.

Re: Wood Window Repair, Making, Restoration

I've been looking into restoring my double hung windows and making my building more energy efficient.

I came across islandheritagemillworks (I cannot post url's). According to their website, you can ship them your windows and they will ship them back restored.

Re: Wood Window Repair, Making, Restoration

Ugh. Neighbor is retired military and had to move due to health issues and wants to sell / rent house. To 'rent' , window sashes must be secure and that meant re-attaching weights. Luckily found the up-stairs weights in the downstair window wells.
That meant taking off window casings which disturbed the lead paint which eventually wound up being a lead paint abatement issue.
All lower window sashes are out, stripped of lead paint, glass n glazed where needed. I also removed any lead paint in the window casing itself wherever sash would rub upon opening.
TOH has a 'how to' video and Tom Silva walks you thru window sash restoration. I only had to epoxy 1 joint on 1 sash so I feel lucky. Oh yea, replaced 5 panes of glass 36 x 14.
I'm letting sash's 'cure' so no sticking when I go to rehang them. 18 windows total and I've been at it for 6 weeks now

Re: Wood Window Repair, Making, Restoration

I have made any number of duplicate window sash over the last 30 years. I learned how by watching an episode of Roy Underhill's PBS program. And then I went and acquired the tools, including some molding planes so I could duplicate the historic profiles. I was also able to make doors with the same tools, so it was cost-effective. There are some variations on the theme, obviously, like angled or curved windows, but basically a sash is a sash. You begin with the glass size, and work outwards from it.

Re: Wood Window Repair, Making, Restoration
Sombreuil_mongrel wrote:

....I learned how by watching an episode of Roy Underhill's PBS program....

SSSSSHH! You're giving away my trade secrets ;) "The Woodwright's Shop" is as much a must-see as T.O.H. :D Standard wood doors and window sashes are made essentially the same as 200 years ago because that is when the art was perfected. Only the method of powering the tools has changed much. Most would be surprised how quickly sharp hand tools can do a job like this compared to setting up machine tools in a modern shop.

But beware- tool collectors are snapping up the old planes and tools for inflated prices and the days of finding them cheap at a yard sale are coming to an end so get them while you can. Or do what the woodwright's of 200 years ago did- make the tool yourself! I'm not that desperate yet but it's good to know how- something else learned from that 'other show' :cool:


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