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Why do our fruit trees keep dying?

We have replaced our peach and apricot trees twice in the two years we have lived here in Chanlder, AZ. We think it might be a drainage problem but that probably means we have a soil problem. They are both on along the west side of our property. We don't know where to start to solve this problem. Our citrus trees and other fruit trees in other parts of the yard are doing okay. Any suggestions? Thanks

Re: Why do our fruit trees keep dying?

I would think there are multiple issues working here: You have been in your Chandler home for 2 years, which most likely means you bought it new, so there is no topsoil (gets removed when the development is graded & subdivided) Citrus seem to do OK w/o the topsoil (go to Yuma), but other non-desert plants suffer. Secondly, you mentioned a west facing yard & this is the biggest prob - if its a tract house, then the lot is most likely small compared to the house, so the trees are close to the home and so not only are they getting stronger DIRECT sunlight than the rest of the yard, poss. from noon-8pm in summer, but they are most likely getting REFLECTED light from the home for much of the same time period. When the Valley breaks records for most 100+ degree days, even desert plants aren't going to be happy, much less non-adapted species. Which brings me to point #3: unless those were hybrid fruit trees genetically enhanced from UofA's ag labs for high heat, mild winters, I wouldn't count on them producing, even if they do survive. The Valley rarely gets below freezing, and most non-citrus need that freeze. It may be better to plant native or Aussie trees on the west since they will do better w/the sun. Besides, I've heard mesquite bean jelly is yummy.

Assumptions: trees are watered regularly, in a fully mulched basin and soil probed for moisture, and correct fertilizer used (not citrus fertilizer)

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