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What finish on 1 x 6 T&G Knotty Pine?

I've recently installed two rooms of T&G knotty pine. I want to put a clear finish on, but I'm not sure what to use. I don't want to stain it, I want it to stay as light and natural as possible. Should I use polyurethane, shellac, varnish? Any ideas? Thanks!!

Re: What finish on 1 x 6 T&G Knotty Pine?

diamond coat poly, it cures to a much more durable finish specific for floors

Re: What finish on 1 x 6 T&G Knotty Pine?


If you merely varnish your pine, it will continue to darken and redden to the point of looking like thousands of old 1950's basement recrooms. Varnish will not stop it from oxidizing. Indeed, oil based varnishs themselves will redden or yellow with age.

If you want to keep that white virgin pine look, you must apply a white "pickling" stain on it. Do not miss any areas, as with age, those missed areas will turn red and stick out like a sore thumb! The stain can be either oil or water based. Oil stain will not raise the grain. I find oil stains easier to work with as they have more wet time.

A water based urethane will give a crystal clear finish and will not redden or yellow with age. At least two coats of varnish will be neccessary to give acceptable appearance. 3 or 4 would be better, especially on any areas subjected to wear.

Re: What finish on 1 x 6 T&G Knotty Pine?

Really depends on the finished look you want. I just made a wall shelf unit from the same wood in your "?". First I layed it horizontal on a table and brushed on Minwax Conditioner, let it dry, then brushed on 2 coats of Minwax Ponderosa pine stain, both oil-based.

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