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By This Old House Reviews Team |Last Updated: February 05, 2024

We researched the best painting companies in your area, comparing them on price, reputation, and offered services. See which painting contractors we recommend below.

Top Painters in Your Area

Services Offered by Painters

Many professional house painters offer more than just painting. Here are a few of the most common services painters are trained to provide.

  • Drywall Repair

    Painting over wall damage likely won’t lead to an attractive end result. Interior painters commonly offer drywall repair to address any wall imperfections so that paint goes on smoothly.

  • Exterior House Painting

    Not all painting companies do both interior and exterior painting, so take a look at the company’s website to be sure. Exterior house painting includes painting siding, doors, and trim. Opt for a company that uses quality, weatherproof paint made to last in your climate.

  • Fence and Deck Staining

    Companies that offer exterior painting often also handle fence and deck painting or staining. This service includes removing old paint and, if needed, sanding the wood before refinishing.

  • Interior House Painting

    Professional painters will first consult with you on paint finishes and colors to help you decide what’s best for your project. The painting team will then prep and prime surfaces to ensure the paint goes on smoothly and looks its best.

  • Lead-Paint Removal

    Lead paint used in older homes can still pose a health risk today. Most experienced interior painters are trained to safely remove lead paint and repaint your home with a nontoxic alternative.

  • Pressure Washing

    Many outdoor painting projects start with a thorough power washing to remove dirt, mildew, old paint, and other debris that can affect your finish. Exterior painters typically offer this service.

  • Wallpaper Removal and Installation

    Installing and removing wallpaper are time-consuming processes that can worsen the look and texture of your walls if not done correctly. Interior painters often have the tools and skills to apply wallpaper properly or to remove it before painting.

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Painter Near You

You want any home improvement project you invest in to be done well the first time. We recommend homeowners take the time to look at the following factors before hiring a company.

  • Cost: Many companies today provide estimates online. We suggest getting a free quote from at least three companies to compare pricing.
  • Guarantees: Quality painting contractors provide warranties for their services. Some also offer guarantees regarding project timelines. Look for at least a two-year warranty that covers craftsmanship, and be sure to get guarantees in writing before any work is done.
  • Qualifications: Not all states require licensure for interior painting services, but check your state’s licensing board to see if it does. Also inquire about your contractor’s years of experience in the industry and relevant certifications and credentials.
  • Reputation and reviews: One of the most important things to do before hiring a local painter is to look at online reviews or ask around for testimonials. Sites such as the Better Business Bureau and Trustpilot feature customer reviews that can give you insight into whether a company provides quality work and service.

How Much Does a House Painter Cost?

The cost of home painting varies based on square footage, room type, surface type, location, and required labor. Painting the entirety of a 2,500-square-foot home’s exterior or interior ranges from $2,500 to $10,000, on average.

Note that labor is typically 70%–80% of the total cost of a paint job. The more prep work the crew has to perform, such as filling holes or sanding rough spots, the more you’ll pay for labor.

Learn more about interior painting costs and exterior painting costs.

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FAQ's About Painters Near Me

What do most painters charge hourly?

On average, high-quality painters charge between $40–$80 per hour per technician. Painting prices fluctuate based on location, service, room type, surface type, required labor, and the size of the space being painted.

How long does it take to paint a house?

It typically takes three to six days to paint an average-size house with a crew of two or three people. If your home has more than two stories or five bedrooms, your project will take longer. Discuss the project timeline with your contractor in advance if you have a pressing completion date (such as a move) so your painter can finish the job and clean up on time.

Do I need to buy paint to hire a painter?

You don’t need to buy paint to hire a painter, but you can if you prefer. If you have paint already picked out for a contractor to apply, that’s fine. You can also consult with your contractor about which paint color, type, and finish is best and have them take on the hassle of ordering the paint.

Do painters guarantee their work?

Reputable painters provide a warranty on their workmanship. A two-year warranty is typical for the industry. Be sure to get any guarantees in writing before home services are provided.

How long does it take to paint a room?

It takes an average of six hours to paint a 12-by-12-foot room. This includes painting and drying times but doesn’t include any repair work needed to prep the walls.

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