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Wallpaper steamer

I know this may be silly but we are just starting out with out first home and are giving it a facelift. We are working on removing the wallpaper in the dining room right now and were wondering if you can just add the wallpaper removing solution / fabric softener to the water in the steamer? Thanks, Amber

Re: Wallpaper steamer

I'm not sure how well that will work. The solution is to soften the adhesive prior to using the steamer. By putting it in the steamer may actually take your project longer but don't really know. I actually put the solution in a pump garden sprayer and saturated the walls. The used two steamers to take down my wallpaper. The reason for two is I didn't have to wait for the water to heat up. One was always staged ready to go as the first one ran dry.

Re: Wallpaper steamer

Not recommended.Enough deposits Ian the steamer are created by water being turned into steam and a good part of the solution would distilled out and remain it the steamer tank.

Re: Wallpaper steamer

Thanks, I know I can add it to the garden sprayer I was just trying to reduce the mess since I have a 2 yr old running around. I tried to call the people who make the steamer and they didnt seem to have a straight answer for me. Thanks again, Ill just go the tried and true way of the ole'garden sprayer, dont want to run the risk of destroying my steamer.

Re: Wallpaper steamer

I just dewallpapered the first room in my 1893 home and it was much easier than I had anticipated. I tried the fabric softener thing and it sucked. I used a perferator like tool to make tiny perforations in the wallpaper and used a paint roller rolled in DIF wallpaper remover and the stuff came RIGHT off. I let it soak into the perforations for like 2-4 minutes and peeled it right off! It was like magic. There were a few sticky spots that I had to roll over the wallpaper twice with but overall, it took no time at all. Well worth the cost of the DIF wallpaper remover! And rolling it on is much better than spraying or even brushing because it assures that you get every spot soaked up good.
The perforations were minute and a piece of 220 sandpaper sanded the marks off the plaster or drywall or whatever it was in no time at all and made it all ready for painting. I suggest giving the easy way a try and save your electric bill with the steamer! :)

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