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wall niches

I'm currently figuring out how to renovate my side entryway hall. It is very narrow and cramped with a small landing and stairs up to the kitchen and down to the basement. With several of the walls being interior walls, I was thinking of cutting some holes in the new drywall to create some niches in the walls and then trimming them out with the same beadboard paneling I am covering the walls with. I can then have some small shelves for gloves, and hats, and the sort of small things that end up in baskets on the narrow stairs. Obviously the stud bays can't have any plumbing or wiring in them so I'm not sure where I could do this yet. The other side of the interior wall is plaster and lathe. Has anyone else tried this out and been successful with it?

Timothy Miller
Re: wall niches

Hi yes this works real good. Might i go so far as to say Custom... Damaging the plaster keying weakens the wall( the plaster globbies between the lath) remember plaster repair is not cheap. It helps if the walls are 2by6" for depth but 2 by 4" work. So you can install shelves or not and box the opening with drywall or plywood several finishes and trim or not depending on how you wish. In a narrow hall i would resist using trim an instead using drywall and corner bead and floating the wall so no outcrop. Have fun be sure not to cut threw wiring or plumbing - going slow with a small hole to observe whats in the wall and then enlarging it is playing it safe.

Re: wall niches

Thanks. Because of a water leak from the bathroom upstairs and some questionable repairs on the wall by a previous owner, I'm going to tear all of the drywall off of the one wall so I'll be able to see where the studs are and if wires or pipes are in the way.
Yeah, gotta be careful with that plaster keying...

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