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Truly toxic free flooring options?

I am searching for new toxic free flooring options - coating should be toxic free, too! 

My first choice is toxic free engineered hardwood flooring if it exists? In my research I have not been able to truly find toxic free flooring options as either the material (toxic glues used) OR the top coating is suspect. However, perhaps I have overlooked a brand or company that truly offers toxic free flooring options? 

Would it be better to make my own flooring and if so, what to you recommend? 

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated and if you have the links that is even better for me to check out. 

Thank you! 

Re: Truly toxic free flooring options?

I'm no flooring expert so how do you define "toxic free"?  Is there a standard for that?

Anything engineered is going to have to be glued together.  Glues, once cured, lose their solvents and if they are reactive glues like epoxy, the curing is a reaction that combines the two parts into one solid.  As far as finishes, polyurethane is basically plastic once cured and is not toxic. 

You could always go with concrete.  Although it has a slightly elevated level of naturally occurring radioisotopes.  :-P

Re: Truly toxic free flooring options?

I, also, want to ask about environmentally-friendly flooring. This question is not for Richard so much as for anyone who has the expertise I am seeking. I am installing new floors in my home, and I am considering bamboo, cork, linoleum (Marmoleum), and vinyl. I am aware of the environmental advantages of buying bamboo and cork, particularly if bought from an environmentally reputable company. As I understand it, linoleum is made of natural materials and is 100% biodegradable, correct? Vinyl seems to have come a long way. There is a company that states that it's vinyl flooring has recycled content, but they may just be referring to the 100% recycled cork backing. If you wanted to do right by the environment, which of these flooring types, irregardless of price, would you choose? Other considerations of mine or pet friendly, waterproof, durability, and easy to maintain. I live in a Mediterranean climate. I am also interested in home resalability. Vinyl doesn't sound like a great selling feature, or has vinyl changed? I am hearing that vinyl is coming back in popularity. Is that true? Thank you for any information you can provide!    

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